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tuesday +1 hour and 9 mins -‘fashionably late’

March 30, 2011

Hello to you all, and well.. good evening. Is it blog


to address the reader?

My first thought was to start droning on about music that I think ‘everybody ought to listen to’… but in truth, I think it might be a bit dull, and I am



I thought maybe I could summarize what I have been listening to this week for reference…. so this is a bit like radio 6 (in how pretentious it is) but…. shit…

This I week have been listening to some long awaited new albums by some old and established artists:

The Strokes – Angles – March 18th 2011

Elbow – Build a Rocket boys! – March 7th 2011

Iron and wine – Kiss Each Other Clean – 25th January 2011

Bright Eyes – The Peoples Key – 15th February 2011

Radiohead – The King of Limbs – 18th February 2011

I guess my theme here is> “I love these bands: am I disappointed?”

The Elbow album has not disappointed, which after the success of the seldom seen kid and their proceeding tour in 2008 was a relief.

Having got very excited about the strokes fourth album (first one in 5 years) and the release of the single ‘under the cover of darkness’ I was expecting something else. The album seems really miss-matched and the single does not represent the album at all. The opening ‘Machu Picchu’ reminded me of  an old Hot Hot Heat track off of ‘Make up the break down.’ I felt like I was 15 again…

Having not heard a much of Iron and Wine, and only really following his recent success, I have hopped on the ‘bandwagon’ soz for the pun and smiled my way through this ‘kiss each other clean’ lark…

I am a Bright Eyes fan and having just purchased tickets for this tour, I was looking forward to the release of Connor Obersts’ tenth Album, (not including his vast quantity of EP’s) I was expecting something big. I Guess it is similar to Cassadaga in how it sounds far more produced that previous albums, I cannot complain. I have to admit though, that, having loved this stuff for the last 8 years, I worry about there being time to hear the perfect older stuff amongst the new album when I see him live.


Anyone who likes Bright Eye would enjoy the solo suff and Monsters of Folk. (A supergroup including Jim James from My Morning Jacket,  Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes and M Ward of She and Him.)

As for the King of Limbs, I am sure opinions are divided. Personally, I think the album is great, a little dull and  straight forward and not a commercial album by a long stretch (Lotus Flower aside) I do not see anyone who does not know Radiohead well, persisting, which, I supposed…. is not the point!

In other news, today I was one of many to find the NEW DEATH CAB FOR CUTEY track free online.. check it out …


Album of the Week:

Finally, The Vaccines released their debut album ‘What did you expect from the Vaccines’ on the 14th March 2011 after being teased with the likes of ‘post break up sex’ and ‘if you wanna’ I have sauntered around feeling very ‘scene’. It is very Jesus Mary Chain…. but…..GOOD in a catchy Arctic Monkeys  popular way.



Does NOT count!!


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