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March 31, 2011

Please note that the following has been written by Martin for children or the young at heart. I have assisted Martin in the word processing, as he has difficulty finding a computer with accessibility for sock animals. I decided to liberate Martin by publishing instructions on how you can make your very own sock monkey. Increasing their population is the only way for sock animals to start to become integrated into society, rather than being rejected by today’s younger generations in place of touch-screens and 3D.

May the handcrafted replace the hand-held! Support sock animals everywhere by stitching, sewing and sticking creations of your own – right out of your very own noggin. Surely something you have made with your bare hands (or bear hands if you are actually a bear), is far more valuable than the replaceable, multi-manufactured and the down-right ordinary. Share this knowledge with loved ones and sock animal sympathisers, and may handmade happiness flow your way by the …handful.

My name is Martin the Monkey

Trickiness rating (not veri tricki)

Step One

First of all, pick the sock that you would like to be my body and turn it inside out. Then take a biro (or tailors chalk if you are seriously crafty) and draw on two little leg shapes for me. Like so…

Step Two

Thread your needle (don’t forget to tie a knot at the end or you won’t get very far!) Along the red lines, do a simple running stitch. Katy said start at the bottom of my foot and work your way up my leg finishing it off with a few backstitches. But you MUST remember to stop when you get to my monkey crotch! You will need this little gap to stuff, stuff, stuff to make me look like a real monkey!

Step Three

Cut in between my two stitched legs but DON’T snip into that lovely neat sewing that you’ve just done. And chop off the elastic too. Be careful, scissors can be sharp! Now I should look like a bit of a deflated monkey. So stuff me through the hole in my crotch! Be careful not to be too rough with me and pull out your stitches!

Step Four

Now once I’m looking nice and plump you can sew up my crotch. Katy told me that you can fold in the frayed edges of my crotch and do small stitches, then my crotch will look extra neat! When you are doing this remember to give me a kiss on the forehead occasionally because it can be a painful procedure for a monkey!

Step Five

Take your second sock and turn it inside our and draw on these shapes…

Step Six

Let’s start with my tail. Just like my legs, sew along my tail line with a running stitch. Then cut it away from the rest of the sock (mind those scissors). Now for a fiddly bit. You need to turn my tail right side out. Katy told me she uses a knitting needle or a pencil to poke it out.

Step Seven

Do exactly the same for my ear shapes and arm shapes (sew along the lines them cut them out). Turn all the shapes the right side out again. Stuff, stuff, stuff the arms. Now time to get me looking like a monkey! Sew on all these bits to my monkey body. Again, fold in the frayed edges of my appendages and sew straight onto my body for extra neatness. Don’t worry if I look a bit wonky, then people know I’m homemade!

Step Eight

You should now be left with my monkey muzzle (the heal of the sock). Sew all the way around straight onto my face. Remember! Leave a hole for stuffing!

Once you’ve stuffed and sewn up the hole in my mouth I should look like this…

Great! But I can’t see anything!

Step Nine

Sew the buttons onto my face. Katy said that if you position the knot so that it is in the middle of where you want the button, you won’t see it!

Step Ten

Some people like to give their monkeys a mouth, although you don’t have to. You may want a happy monkey…or a surprised monkey?

Ta da! Now you’re ready to go! Take me shopping, clubbing, out to dinner but I don’t like swimming or sunbathing so try not to get me near the bath or microwave!

Enjoy me!

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