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‘I want to peg you’

April 2, 2011

So, hello there to all ‘followers’ and fellow peglets! This first pegged post comes attached with love from LittleRay peg.

As you have seen from the splendidness of our last 5 pegs – i have a groups of very intelligent, beautiful and creative friends – sadly however you have now arrived at my post and i would like to apologise in advance. This is due to the fact that i spend most weekends looking like this:

So yes i like sports – something which i have absolutely nothing in common with to my fellow peglets.  I even tried to make one particular peglet play hockey with me back in the days when it was played in basically knee length grass and the PE teacher was a certain fearful woman who went by the name of WEBB – i can safely say that estherpeg has never truly forgiven me for those resounding two weeks of her life that she can never get back.

So onwards and upwards – i enjoy playing hockey, cricket and football (sports that hold a particular stigma attached to them) and yes i can live up to that stigma when i want to 🙂 but mostly i just get alot of pleasure out of running wildly around a hockey pitch hitting oversized, angry, burly women with my stick or in summer time trying fiercely to smack a cricket ball for ‘four’, something which does not happen often i can sadly assure you.

LittleRay’s blog (yes i am referring to myself in third person for effect) aims to give insight into weekly sporting news and I also plan to pop in a few cheeky food recipes that i have a tendency to dream up whilst sleeping – so yes sports and food – the two loves of my life – stay tuned in ready for next weeks blog – that I’m afraid to say will BLOW YOUR MINDS.

Over and out.

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