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The Peg, You & I….

April 2, 2011
Although it seems that Monday the 28th of March 2011 was the grand & eagerly awaited opening of The Peg 5 days into the blog, I post a small & thoughtful introduction to ‘The Peg’ through my eyes… So what other way to start but to link The Peg to The Peglets!!

A peg: By lever becomes a link holding objects together & among phone, facebook & wine, blogs have become a modern contact link. Blogs reach into the mindset of those we don’t know, & is currently a means of 7 friends dotted over the UK to link in contact. A peg doll since time began (don’t quote me on this but im never usually wrong) has been an item of creativity, just as the daily posts become a way of expressing our creative thoughts… & a Peg is of corse a good old fashioned object, a back to basics mechanic, with no frills attached …just like us!…… Well we do have a few frills here & there!


During my degree I researched the back to basics mentality which the hardship of the recent recession brought. As a designer I learnt to strip back my designs to reflect the mood of the economy & the purse strings of the consumer- With this in mind The Peg images of the 1940’s (A personal loved era) resemble the back to basics mood with a beautiful tone, however due to hardship the images are born in unbeautiful circumstance….- Nostalgic back to basics!

Back to basic life style.


A Peg away from being blown away!

My favorite image.

The washing line.

Back to basics styles on the High Street.
Womens Zara Basic tshirt pink

Zara Basic T collection - £19.99

Key trouser shape - The Peg leg.


Elegant, wearable - This seasons basic trouser shape!

The A/W 12 Catwalks scale down the decoration –  leaving simple shapes in muted colours.

BCBG Max Azria - Strips back the shape & colour within the collection.


Celine A/W 12 looks sleek with colour blocking basics.


A collation of notes & memories held together… Creativity begins with collating the feeling which holds together the mood to inspire the outcome- This week I have been collating images to create mood boards which represent the current feeling within music, catwalks & the developing trends for A/W12. The way that these images are pulled together is representational of my work method – These were images within my design mood board for my degree.

Nostalgia 1


Nostalgia 2




The peglets before a night out?


The Peglets after a night out?


Although a forward thinking notion is the strongest way to develop & we have become programmed to search for a new outcomes, a new label or the newest technology, however sometimes the basic & uncomplicated is all we need… & within recent times I myself have nodded towards the notion to maintain traditional & the simplistic straightforward methods…. !

Old becomes beautifully warn!


Old vs New.


In terms of mechanics & trends however the back to basics theory may have come back in full force with my full support, however I feel that this blog will be far from basic with 7 Pegs delivering the latest in fashion, art, film & anything else we find at our finger tips…  I thereby link The Peg to The Peglets… or just shown you some beautiful imagery!!



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