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hey…ummm…. do you like music?… yeh me too!

April 6, 2011

WELL hello and what a veritable thrill!

Welcome to my bit- about some music and stuff.

As a regular feature I thought I would enlighten you with my weekly ‘recently added’ albums. This summarizes what I have been listening to this week incase you haven’t heard it and might like to. I have  therefor titled this section,

GUESS what I have been listening to this week… go on… GUESS:

Cage the Elephant – Thank you, Happy Birthday – Jan 2011  (NEWALBUM)

I searched and found this little treat after hearing the new single release ‘Shake me down’ in which he sounds a little too much like the vocalist from band of horses.

Cold War Kids – Mine is yours – Jan 2011 (NEW ALBUM)











After loving and loving ‘we used to vacation and ‘hang me out to dry’ this album is top banana… more of the same…. sounds like a solo artist with vocals so distinct.

Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard – 2011












Noah and the whale –  Last Night on Earth – 7th March 2011 (NEW ALBUM)











Having ignored the debut album on account of ‘5 years time’ (not a fan) I was shocked when I heard the follow up album ‘The first days of spring.” It was suddenly moving and emotive… perfect song ‘I have nothing’

This album is steering them back to happy go lucky folk following the release of L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.


Mogwai – Discography – Album and tour this year Feb 2011 – Hardcore will never die but you will









Fake Blood –  Mars remixes and EP – ‘I think I Iike it’










… So .. this is like house… but … good… not sure what it is .. I think its because they have done remixes of stuff like The Kills  – ‘cheap and cheerful.’

Sleigh Bells  – Treats  – May 2010 –











Includes music from the new windows phone advert – instantly recognisable track ‘infinity guitars’ and new single ‘tell um’

To me the new single sounds just… well… like … noise… yes !!! I feel very cool when I have it on.. like the ‘type of person who enjoys listening to things that others might find unbearable….’ But I am still unsure.. we will leave this in the UFFIE pile… yes she makes me feel so COOOOOOOLKIIDDDDd but … really …REALLY, I am 22! L

Everything Everything – man alive  –  Aug 2010











I don’t really understand what this is yet. I started listening to the album after hearing ‘photoshop handsome’ mentioned on the radion and liked the name. I can’t  decided if I like it. His high picth wailings seem out of place, even amongst the likes of Iron and Wine, Thom York and Jonsi! Oh speaking of Jonsi…

Jonsi – Go  – April 2010











Remember Sigure ros? With the High pitched Icelandic unbelievably MALE vocalist? Well he has his own album… enjoy!

Lykke li – Wounded Rhymes  – Feb 2011  (NEW ALBUM)











Following an awesome remix I heard of her track ‘little bit’ I found her latest album. Lykke Li is one of those artists that Last FM have told me I ‘like’ since I joined… and I think I am finally convinced.

Gil Scott Heron Jamie XX remixes











GOSH… have you heard that bloody JAMIE XX … he is mad remixing EVERYONES stuff!

That ‘you got the love’ now he’s all over ADELE ‘rolling in the deep’ he actually seems to be a GENIUS!

Well this Gil Scott  Heron remix Album Cleverly Titled –  ‘We’re New Here’ is fantastic….. radio 6 plugged ‘I’ll Take Care of you’ and I have fallen for it… please check it out kthnxbyex





I thought I would spice things up a bit this week and write a more entertaining article. So here it is, I have titled this section:

A Far More Entertaining Articlelol:

What the HELL is Kanye West doing!!!!!

I know that this is going to make me VERY unpopular.. but I don’t really care. Has anyone noticed Kanye Wests’ concept album… it has to be a concept album … right?

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Nov 2010












Took off with the single ‘Runaway’ in which he speaks about himself… as someone who is particularly bad with the ladies. (To put it mildly)

He talks about the horrific way he treats women… warning that they should ‘runway’ from him. With no regret and no desire to change, he is comfortable wit his floors ‘raising a toast’ to ‘the dooshbags’,’assholes’ and ‘jerkoffs who never take work off’.

Throughout this album the story unravels of his struggle to behave.

In ‘all of the lights’ he talks of a horrific domestic situation caused by him, from his perspective in which he has been violent towards his family, which includes his ‘daughter’.

‘Restraining order,

can’t see my daughter,

Her mother brother grandmother hate me in that order’


None the less, he begs her to take him back with pathetic half-hearted excuses like ‘ill be more supportive.’

Surely Mr west would not really like us to think that this is about him… but with no sign of an alter ego… or lead character to take on the role… I supposed we are left to believe that this album IS about him or at least representative of him.

In the 40 minute long video which combines a few of his album tracks (like a soundtrack to a short film) he discovers a fantastic alien ‘bird’ (beautiful woman dressed as a bird) who falls from the sky and obviously .. he  starts dating her… only to take her out for dinner, casually watch some ballet and feed her poultry… What a ‘jerkoff’.

All of the lights has just been released as a single. The radio edit reduces the length of the track, shortening the biggest credit list I have ever seen:

Including: Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Tony Williams, The-Dream, Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Elly Jackson (of La Roux), Alicia Keys, Elton John, Fergie, Ryan Leslie, Drake, Alvin Fields, and Ken Lewis.

The heavy base and electronic hip hop beat, is like no other… SERIOUSLY BADASS… ten BADASS points…

I love to believe that this album is about Kanye himself. I love his honesty, self-importance and bravery in this album… its like he is at confession, clearing his conscience, praying that despite ALL and I mean ALL of his floors and mistakes… we still love him… and… I think I do …

cheers for ‘hearing’

livpeg x

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  1. katypeg permalink
    April 6, 2011 3:15 pm


    I’ve been having the same thoughts about everything everything – but I think the answer is “yes”, you do like them. xxxx

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