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I Like to Think I’m a Brigitte Bardot Brow

April 6, 2011

Hooray! It’s Wednesday again! I’m so glad to at last have The Peg to brighten up my mid-week!

 The original concept for The Peg was for all of us to exercise our cultural prowess and vent creative energy, but there has always also been a more sentimental value. For 7 friends scattered around the country with long commutes, busy social lives and gruelling gym sessions (am I right EstherPeg?!) to attend, it can be really difficult to stay up to date with each other. BUT The Peg is here as the perfect remedy to fill each other in and stay in the loop.

 So! Without further ado I’m going to ply you all with pictures, and, lets face it, devastatingly witty remarks from my past week! Prepare for a smorgasbord of Pegpatter:

 I started off by treating myself to this cute, Cute, CUTE denim dress (thank you HOF sale) which I can’t get enough of. Unfortunately something has gone wrong with the dye and the seams are exposing white fabric – I tried to colour this in with a blue permanent marker and much to my deep regret this has not worked, and now I’m left with a dark blue splodge up the back seam. Nonetheless, I cannot wait to sport this number with bare legs are wedges come summer!


MUCH more excitingly, I have been running a model competition with work over the past month and the live final saw 10 wannabes strut their stuff in front of a screaming crowd at the LG Arena on Monday! Biggest perk of all, I managed to wangle some free VIP tickets to see Katy Perry on the night. For some reason Miss KP has always ground my gears like a good’un, but now I am filled with UPMOST respect for the woman – anyone who can get changed that quickly deserves to be a superstar!! Here are a few pictures of the night and and a cheeky one at the end!


Next: I saw this chart on a fashion blog a few days ago and it was too adorable not to repost. The same day, I was reading a beauty article that said “Eyebrows should be like sisters, not like twins”. This observation rendered me euphoric seeing as mine are more like estranged cousins. See what you think- I for one am pegging all over this picture. (NB: Pegging ~vb. To be enthusiastic about something on The Peg).


Here’s the latest photoshoot I have done at work. It’s a bit of a love story – they start off by running away from an event and through a city – catching a train and then going off for a frolic in a park. I’ll only put a few up here but hopefully the story will still be there!


A new one for the fashion lexicon: Palazzo Pants. I can’t seem to go a day without reading this phrase, and as such am diligently trying a pair on each time I see them in a shop. No luck so far as all are horrendously unflattering, but I refuse to give in just yet. Maybe I should leave them for all you petite Pegs!


Last but not least, here is the MaxMara Spring campaign. I’ve always felt an affinity to parrots because my Mum’s maiden name is Parrott (hang on is that too tenuous a link??!!)… either way I can’t help but flood with delight each time I see my favourite feathered friends! Oh yea, and the necklace is alright too!!


Big kisses with pegs on xx

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