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kraftiness deux

April 7, 2011

Hello Everyone! My name is Martin!

This week I’ve told Katy to show you how to make your very own PEG BAG! YES – a bag to keep your pegs in! It’s pretty simples so I’ve got Katy to type up my instructions for me.

Also, please remember those sock animals who aren’t so lucky…

This little fella wasn’t even finished by his craftily challenged creator. Please, please give your sock animals a starting chance in life. This gender-confused monkey hasn’t even got his eyes sewn on! They have been pinned! It’s disgusting.

Anyway you will need…

Fabric (no particular kind as most will work for this)


Needle and cotton



Ribbon (optional)

If you don’t think you have any spare fabric in your house, you may not be looking hard enough. Think old curtains, cushions and even clothes – all these can be re-crafted into something else. Asking Mums, Aunties and Grandparents helps too – they hoard all kinds of things!

Trickiness rating: (not veri tricki)

Step One

Cut out these shapes of your chosen fabric…

The size of the shapes depends how big your pegs are! These bag steps can be used to make handy tote shopping bags – just increase the dimensions. Let’s keep it simple by making a little peg bag (less sewing for you to do!) you can make bigger bags by hand but it’s far quicker to use one of those big whirring thingies…what are they called Katy?…sewing machines! One of my sock hands once got caught in one! Ouch! I don’t use them, but Katy will tell you how to make things using those big scary things soon!

The shape you cut won’t be exactly the same size as your completed bag, so if you want a specific size then make it a little larger than you need.

Step Two

Take the big piece and fold it in half (right side to right side, because you are going to turn it right side out when you are done). Thread your needle and start sewing a simple running stitch in the folded corner of the bag and go along the red dotted line drawn in the picture below. Once you’ve reached the top of the bag, do a couple of backstitches to secure you lovely neat sewing, then SNIP!  The sew up the opposite side of the bag (the other red dotted line) in exactly the same way.

Monkeys are NOT good with straight lines! If you are anything like me, then draw it on with a pencil.

Step Three

You should have a little fabric pouch now. Turn it right-side out. Push those corners out to make them look their pointiest. Take the other large rectangle you cut out and repeat Step Two, so you end up with two pouches.

TOPTIP The pouches don’t need to be made of the same material. If you choose to contrasting patterns, you have actually made yourself a reversible bag! Now you have a bag for every shopping and peg mood!

Step Four

Now take the longer piece of fabric. Fold it half (right side to right side) and do a running stitch allllll the way along the red dotted line. Once again, finish it off with some backstitches and SNIP! Turn it right side out – this may be fiddly so you may want to use a pencil.

Step Five

Now for the construction! Take the two pouches. One needs to be inside out. Put the inside out pouch inside the other and make sure the corners are level.

Then pin the handle where you would like it to be.

TOPTIP If you want to be able to tie your bag, you can pin in two pieces of ribbon too! Them pegs won’t be escaping now!

Now fold in the frayed edges and make sure all the fabric is straight. Pin it and SEW SEW SEW all the way around the bag. If you’re feeling brave, Katy recommends the overcast stitch for this one because it protects and strengthens the edges of the fabrics your connecting. Don’t worry its easy peasy!

Start stitching in between the two pieces of fabric to hide the knot. Pull the needle through the fabric towards you. Take it over the top of both pieces of fabric to seal the edge, then pull the needle through both pieces towards you again. Then take it over the top and pull towards you… and off you go again!

Voila! Now you should have a completed peg bag! I hope you are pleased with it!

It’s also an excellent hiding spot…

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  1. April 7, 2011 9:48 pm

    I love this KatyPeg!!!!!!!!

  2. LittleRayPeg permalink
    April 11, 2011 10:29 am

    Babe..martin scares me a little bit 😦 hehe xxx

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