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‘My Space’… My Very Own Space..

April 9, 2011

 Although ‘My space’ is a site where you share your personal interests, favourite songs, movies etc….  Today I’m looking at ‘My space’ a place where I share my free time, relax, live, eat & breathe… & it’s looking rather delightful with the first rays of sun shining, so I began to snap away!  I therefore present: Flat 3A- All mail which includes beautiful handwriten cards welcome!!


During the summer I was sitting back having stressfully secured a flat & design job in London, I was lapping up the day time TV, having cast my eye over the loose ladies I then flicked onto ‘A place in the sun- home & away’ to my surprise the flat being viewed was: Flat 3A.. Yes, the vey flat I was moving into the next week- slightly surreal!!! I took it as a sign… A sign I was over paying judging by the presenter’s comments…


It wasn’t until I started to live on my own at University that I realised that I could transform a room into my personality! My personality was then imprinted on my space with my interior selections- The choice of curtains, printed cushions & of corse the duvet cover that liberates the white wash walls into a place that centres around me! I’ve come to love nesting -in fact we (me & my flat mate) have titled our lovely little flat – THE NEST! It may not be the place where I want to be forever however it’s my space for the time being… & when the sun is shining my space becomes exactly what I want it to be!

Just outside of the London buzz & beyond the lake…


The front garden… Just before daffs come out!
The stairs that have proved tricky after the odd bottle!


Molly, the neighbours bike… The neighbour who insits on calling by on ever occasion…I know what your thinking & yes there are names for people like this!!


Behind the door..


I love the vintage kitch feel... Very soft, very floral, very me!!


My space..


Bits & bobs, recipes & notes!




For three bottoms only!


When its too hot to be worn .. & too gorgeous to put in a cubby!


The living quarter… Its really not hard to get lost in- I don’t provide maps!


Through the Window.


When I was trying to settle in, to me that meant potting plants… Im sill not sure why??


..& finally the good neighbours!


Palace -No, Home-Yes!!

I have grown to love the has had it moments however… but when the sun came out from hibernation this week it made flying the Stoke nest worth while!!! & the London nest felt like home. 

Iv popped the kettle on… See you in ten!!!

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