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The wonders of cheese.

April 10, 2011

CHEESE. You make think to yourselves why start my blog simply with this word? The answer is BECAUSE ITS AMAZING.  Now, when I lie in bed at night and think about food, creating ad hoc recipes in my little head – cheese seems to orientate around EVERYTHING. It is my food world.  I need to reiterate the importance of cheese at this early stage in my ‘blogging’ life because most of my recipes will include the involvement of cheese at some stage – whether it is sneakily adding it to mash potato to give it that ‘edge’ or having a cheeky cheese sprinkle over most of my never-ending pasta inventions.  Yes its calorific and yes it may strain your waist line – but I vow never to let this end my love affair with cheese, cheese from all around the world.

The mother of all cheeses....

Ok – my first recipe: ‘CHORIZO AL LA PEGGED IT’

Ingredients needed: penne pasta (how ever much you feel like munching on), a bunch of fresh basil, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 whole chilli (de-seeded), a tin of chopped tomatoes, 3 beef tomatoes, red wine vinager (if required), worcester sauce, 1 whole chorizo sausage, salt and pepper, BIG HANDFUL OF PARMESAN CHEESE.

  • First start  by preparing your sausage – if required the skin can be peeled off the chorizo but i prefer to leave it on to give it a wee bit more flavour  and dice into small cubes.
  • Once the chorizo is prepared, set aside and start on your tomatoe sauce!
  • First of all – start with the basil.  Seperate the leaves from the stalks and set the leaves aside.
  • Splash of olive oil in a hot pan – add in the finely chopped basil stalks, the 3 cloves of garlic and the chilli (finely chopped). Let these sizzle away until the garlic starts to turn golden, then BAM pour in the tin of chopped tomatoes.
  • Whilst these are simmering, chop up your three beef tomatoes and add these to the mixture – give it a good stir and we have the basis of our tasty tomato sauce.
  • Next – add in a dollap of worcestershire sauce and a little splash of red wine vinegar – add in salt and pepper to your liking and leave to simmer for around 20 minutes on a low light.
  • Now – you are free to have a little dance around the kitchen whilst you wait, or crack open a beer/glass of wine to celebrate your culinary genius inner-self…
  • Right, 20 minutes later – throw in your DICED chorizo sausage and all of the basil leaves (which i tend to tear with my hands as it gives out more flavour than chopping with a knife).
  • Boil some water  and throw in the pasta – with a splash of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.
  • 10 mins later – your pasta should be cooked and your sauce READY – mix all together and add the crucial ingredient – PARMESAN CHEESE.  BOOM. Oh and don’t forget the sprinkling of crushed black pepper on top 😉

Enjoy x LittleRayPeg

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