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A Nommin’ good weekend

April 11, 2011

I spent the last two days with the delightful Raypeg and her peg-sympathiser sister in her b-e-autiful London flat. With abundant sunshine and a pot of money to blow on some new threads, we headed to Westfield which Raypeg had waxed lyrical about before and I was keen to visit. How annoying is it when magazines and well placed billboard ads lead you to believe that walking into H&M will be fashion easy street with the looks you want just jumping into your basket as you breeze straight to the till then when you arrive at your mecca it seems that the key pieces hailed by pre-shopping-spree mags like Grazia and Look are nowhere to be seen! Gargh!

Luckily we had lunch to console us. I had taken the brave decision to travel light i.e. throwing bare essentials into my handbag with the premise of just buying everything that I would wear all weekend on my first successful shopping trip. How wrong I was but how fortunate that just as my motivation was reaching its lowest ebb, Tapas Revolution appeared. One look from Raypeg told me we were thinking the very same thought. We settled down under the glass canopy of the Westfield Centre’s humongous roof, sun beating down and bona fide Spaniards waiting on and could have been back on our Lanzarote holiday eating picnic style 0-preparation delicious food just a month ago. The food served up was so fresh and delicious we were soon riding the crest of a food-high-wave. We agreed that these tapas were better than any we had sampled on holiday, in particular the Albondigas (beef meatballs in spicy tomato sauce). When we were away, I was on a week long hunt for Churros but to no avail, even stalking through the airport for one last chance to share with the girls my favourite Spanish treat, I know for a fact that my good friends began to doubt my sanity and that I had simply dreamt up this mythical snack to tease them. Thanks to Tapas Revolution I no longer am alone in my love of Churros as they served up a cone of the little devils sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and a pot of melted chocolate to dip them in and of course Raypeg made no hesitation and we devoured them with haste.

Much to my delight as I visited the Tapas Revolution website, the founder, a delicious young man called Omar has loads of great video how-to’s on Tapas Revolution original recipes! Even if you have no intention of making the things yourself, just order in some churros to accompany your viewing pleasure.

In other food news, Stone market in Staffordshire always have a fantastic rural/village atmosphere and a wonderful selection of  organic produce and delicious things to try. Receiving rave reviews recently were battercakes, perfectly round little delicacies, filled with your choice of savoury or sweetness. Gluten free, you could almost kid yourself into thinking these babies are good for you, a ploy I am all too ready to fall for. No matter, they are nommin gorgeous and you should try them at your earliest opportunity!

Stone market was the first UK venue to serve battercakes and The Bakers Man is sure to be invited back. From their press release:

“Described as a cross between a pancake and a popover; Battercakes are new and amazing. A portion of freshly cooked golden balls filled with single or double fillings to suit your taste. If you prefer the savoury taste then bacon, brie or roasted pepper could be your choice. Sweet fillings for the Battercakes include marshmallow, mango, fudge and banana. You could be radical and design your own filling from the wide choice available. Would you be brave enough for peanut butter and sweetcorn or caramel apple and cheddar?”


(Photographs courtesy of  Tracey Paska)

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