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I went to watch a kids film…. am I sTIllcool>:( ????

April 13, 2011

Hey… before doing anything please put this on while you read… it is LOOOOOOVELY











This band… Wye Oak… sooosweeet

I haven’t been able to get this out of my head for about the last month I think…

So.. not been on top of things this week actually on account of being in the workshop and no being able to radio 6….I never thought I would say this but.. I miss lauren Laverne. I see her at ten in the morning and once a week on ten o clock live at the moment, and you know what…. I like her..

Ten o clock live just singles her out as ‘the woman’ and, the ‘only one who needs a script’. Are we  really supposed to believe that she writes her own stuff for it…. no! But we KNOW Brooker, Mitchel and even that CARR bloke write theirs! because it is SOOOOO THEEEMMM. I think that this does make her look inferior  and inferior as ‘a woman comedian’… but don’t even get me started on female comedians!

In fact, I am sad that I don’t know anyone who particularly likes Lauren Laverne…but I think she is great! Probably because she ACTUALLY LIKES MUSIC.  Ages aside,… she has the capacity to discuss NEW music with some conviction in a really  youthful way unlike some other ‘slightly older’ female DJ’s who probably know much much more, but just DON’T know how to make new music REALY EXCITING! (As my new housemate to be puts it: they have ‘NOOOORRRR BANNTAAAAAA” )  Basically, I think that Laverne talks about music in a very entertaining way, far more so than Nemone… and… she holds 110% more interest in what she is talking about than FERNE COTTEN. RANT OVER..

OK…. that has probably finished now… so ermm..

get this on…


Does anyone happen to know the name of her band back in the 90’s

Kenickie were a four piece formed in 1994. Probably best known for their single ‘in your car’ Lauren Laverne (actually Lauren Gofton) and her brother (Pete Gofton) completed this nearly all girl group.

Have a look at some of this stuff on you tube.. its pretty funny 90’s brtipop

like shit Catitonia meets Garbage













Does anyone remember this?

Mint Royal – Don’t falter… Lauren did the vocals… GO ON GIRL!

Right …. Albums this week I guess…

Tv on the Radio  – Nine Types of Light   –  12 April 2011











Having heard the single ‘Will Do’ and loving … in fact .. listen to that now please…


Metronomy – English Riviera  – April 11th 2011












Got this after hearing their single ‘The look’




Got a lot of music of my ‘animal’ friend Rory this week…. some bizar stuff…..

An album by an Artist called ‘Tobacco’ Album titled ‘Fucked up friends’

It was only Lsst week that he gave the the ‘Blakroc album’ which is a collaboration album by the black keys featuring the likes of

Mos Def, Ludacris and Ol Dirty Bastard….(my housemate finds very funny when I accidently request a ‘dirty old bastard’)











Perfect… 20 COOL points… RORY is not only the worlds best drinking animal… he knows his music…



Finally!  This week I would like to make a confession…, I went to the cinema this week to ‘shamefully’ watch RIO.. new animated film by the makers of ICE AGE …. ERGGHHHH











This film is about a Macaw Called Blu, who was caged by smugglers when very young and sent to and misplaced in america… where a little girl finds him and he becomes domesticated and so he cannot fly.. Years later, they are OVO the best of friends and she is approached and convinced to go to RIO so that Blu can mate with the only other bird of that species to save the species.  AND SOME SHIT GOES DOWN! (villains and crooks and more smugglers) SO .. lost in Rio and he cannot ….fly …

Anyone who knows me will know that I would usually HATE this type of film and it all stems for my HATRED for DISNEY…


Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hatherway, Rodrigo Santoro, Bebel Gilbaro, Kate Del Castillo, Jamie Foxx, Will.I.Am, Tracy Morgan, Geroge Lopez, Jake,T,Austen, Leslie Mann, Jemaine Clement, Jane Lynch, and Robin Thicke.

PERFECT little film.. too many characters… so it does not have to focus on any one for so long that that you get bored……. and it is unclear who can hear who.. as humans and birds talk at the same time.. but they cannot understand eachother….

Forget Anne Hatherway for a second.. I can sense I am losing you .. and this IS NOT LIKE ME … but jesse eisenberg IS just Columbus from ZOMBIE LAND…. love HIM LOVE HIM  x

Highlights are Jamie foxx and Will.I.Am… singing and rapping to ‘hot wings’… sweet.

Check out the Trailer here: (does not do it justice!)

– Will.I.Am and Jammie Foxx

See….. I am NOT a FILM SNOB

SIC x x x x x x x

over and OUT

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