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Your clothes are all made by Balmain, and there’s diamonds and pearls in your hair…

April 13, 2011

PHEW – I was almost too exhausted to write this post as I’ve just guzzled a chorizo and Monterey jack burger with my PEG-BF. I even took a picture of said burger to share it with you all – but now that I’ve seen it on my computer screen in x20 zoom I’m too ashamed. At least I didn’t eat the bread *eyes up at heaven for extra mantra power* at least I didn’t eat the bread

Some of you Peglets and Peg admirers may have heard the news that last week Christophe Decarnin left his role as Creative Deirector at Balmain. There’s some speculation about why exactly he left – it certainly didn’t help that he didn’t turn up to his Fall ’11 show in Paris (possibly due to mental issues) but either way, I think it is a crying shame that a man who literally turned a label on its head, can be cast aside by a label – Balmain’s comment was along the lines of “Yes he worked here and he contributed.” Before he started there in 2007, Balmain was a stuffy couture label – a few seasons later it was making shoulder-high waves in the runway…


Yes….that jacket!!!

And this dress !!!!!!!

 Balmain was soon synonomous with ultra-vamp, excessive, rock chick sexuality. Everything from super-skinny jeans to navel skimming v-necks accentuated and oozed sexuality-on-speed-on-toast, and you know what? IT WAS AMAZING!

 (I’ve got a little story about this next look:


When I was at Vogue (I know, I know, it was almost 2 years ago, must get a life) I had to call this look in, and soon made great friends with a delightful man called Guillaume over in the Balmain Paris showroom. The look arrived the day before the shoot, so I’m just unpacking the boots and something seems weird…huh… oh crap. Ol’buddy ol’pal Guillaume’s sent me 2 left feet! I immediately called him (and tried not to sound alarmed as I was surrounded by people I wanted to seem self-assured and composed to) and explained the situation, and he says “O! ShIIIt! Zat meanz I’ve zzent 2 rright fEEt tu zzomeone eelze!” This doesn’t seem so funny now I’ve bothered to write his sentence phonetically, but you really haven’t heard swearing ‘till you’ve heard Guillaume say ‘Oh Shit!’)

Here are a couple of my favourite looks from his AW/10 and AW/11 runways…


And finally a picture of Kate Moss in his infamous dress!


Look! Even my girl B’ likes Decarnin’s stuff!!


So, um, I GOT TO THINKING about this whole Decarnin situation. Then I got to reading. Turns out the label wanted rid. Obviously The Curious Case Of John Galliano jumped into my head – then a few months ago Carine Roitfeld left her seat as Editor of Paris Vogue – something’s fishy here!! Why are labels and huge multi-million dollarpoundeuro corporations getting rid of their multi-million poundeurodollar shining stars?

To the outsider, it looks like the labels want to have their cake and eat it too – by hiring provocative and creatively inspirational individuals to make a noise about the brand, then when they make a little bit too much (loving italics today) noise, they are straight out the cat flap. The beauty of these candice-creatives is that they turn the fashion game into a fairytale, an even more effective escapism for the likes of you, me and our fellow pegs who are only at the beginning of our journey to high-fashion heaven! Hopefully this trend of squeezing out the BIG –bad-eggs is about the come to an end, because soon we will only have a load of faceless sewing machines to aspire to!


On other news, this week I impulse booked a flight to Valencia, to visit my gorgeous amigo Aimee who moved there 7 months ago. I am TOO EXCITED but can feel some anxiety dreams coming on as I’m only taking handluggage. How to fit 5 days of continental chic into a small bag?? HELP! Insert suitably anonymous photo of me and Miss A.L.F here:


Finally – here’s a little ditty from Peter Sarstedt – he liked Balmain too! Give it 35 seconds and you’ll see what I mean! (Thank you MammaMcCPeg for the reference!)



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