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My Dad & the black, white, sepia treasures.

April 15, 2011

I’m tidying my room, about to fully embrace a 6am carboot sale during last summer with estherpeg (This is another post in itself!) & I come across a small dusty chest… The kind that you would only find within a 1940’s flicker film, left on the station platform (I hope that the picture I’m painting is a good one.) Within the suitcase are the pictures which my Nan & Grandad saved of their three children & four grand children, which I had never seen before.  

I love old photos the way that they are worn & torn, cracked perfectly at the edges, some preserved in small glass frames & others knowingly held. I was starring at faces that I had never seen before which somehow looked familiar, maybe it was because they had the ‘family look’.  The way the family advises me each Christmas.. ‘Oh you do have the ‘Miller look about you’- Miller being my sur name. I’m actually yet to know what the ‘Miller look’ is, however apparently being half Scottish with slightly ginger hair & freckles is apart of it!!  ….Och aye the noo hen’ – that’s for you Nan!!!

There are some treasures within this chest I have to admit, however I have selected some amazing pictures of my dad. I have to let you into a secret; my family is not one that poses to achieve a still portrait of a perfect life. We are more likely to have the dog cocking his leg up in the background, a spat between my brother & I in the foreground or someone having just burnt the turkey, dropped the birthday cake or spilt red wine on the mothers new laura Ashley rug- (The latter being my fault!)… I present a trifle of my favorite snaps black, white & sepia toned of my very own Dad- Mr Robert Miller, born in 1950. Dad holds some wonderful individual qualities ….however what does he pass on to his one & only daughter ‘his terrible temper & bad language’ – Thanks Dad.

with love the sepia toned millers pegs!! xx

Dad- What an amzingly cheeky school photo- I love this!!


Dad & Uncle alan- Like dad, I gained the ability too show through my face exactly how I feel at any given moment. A quality I can assure leads you into more harm than good.




The Millers- Dad top left in his late teens- A snapshot with facial expressions no photographer surely would ever request.


The sepia toned, 1980s Millers action shot!


Ma & Pas wedding- Beautiful dress, Beautiful picture.


Gorgeous photo- Nan, Grandad , Mum & Dad!


...& then I came along... Nice patterned sofa by the way!


One of my favorite photos -Me, Dad & Grandad Norman!


Cornwall- 1990s- My brother Ashley, Dad & Me- Mum behind the camera.


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