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Part 1. Colour control (and craziness)

April 17, 2011

Continuing from my British wool post, one consequence of using the yarn (which I was always aware of, but possibly hadn’t quite thought it through properly) is that it has to be dyed – I didn’t want to have a 6 outfit ecru collection.

As if there is not enough control in the creation of knitwear garments as it is without then adding another level/process – colour – of course being very important – however I was always sceptical about the amount of control I would actually have over this and knew that my colour pallet would possibly (and has done) change every week.


Here are some examples of how it all started out.

Playing around with the colours is one thing, trying to get a good combination but then proportions is another – and thats where the craziness comes in, along with when the dyed samples do not turn out correctly (next weeks post).

Working out which garments should be which colours I have found very tricky – coming up with different combinations to achieve the best balance (Sophpeg you know what I mean!)  which by the end, the first looks almost the same as the last.

I have already achieved the coral shade (a fluke I’m sure)  now I need to conquer the green and blue! Hopefully they will sit something like the drawings below. Fingers crossed!

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