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“You can do it Tutankhamun!”

April 20, 2011

 This week I have been cheering on beer bottles, cave men and ancient Egyptian pharaohs. NO this is not a usual day in Wolverhampton! Instead I went to watch the London Marathon on Sunday!

As somebody wise said to me over the weekend, going and watching the marathon is like seeing the best in mankind – people pushing themselves to their every physical limit for a good cause, while the adoring crowds scream their names and cheer them on! When I went to watch my extraordinary sister (affectionately known as ‘Pea’) run the marathon 2 years ago I was shocked at how much fun it was shouting out encouragement to perfect strangers as they sweated their way past me after running 15 miles with another 11 ahead of them (as I scoffed another percy pig). With this knowledge, I was belting out “Nice one Steve!” and “You can do it Emily!”, “KEEP GOING MR POTATOHEAD!” at full gusto to anyone whose nametag or costume I could decipher in time. Pea and I went to cheer on Nicki who was doing her 3rd marathon, who is still looking gorgeous when I papped her at 19 miles! Hats off to all who ran it!

Here’s a few pictures of the absolute mentalists who ran the thing in costumes!

Go Go Go Mr Potatohead!

Where’s Wally

On Monday me and my PEG-BF went for a day at Alton Towers – gorgeous weather, adrenalin leftrightandcentre, chicken nuggets and a brand new pirate penguin named Jack rounded the day off. Here’s the little fellow who is now nestled up on the back seat of my car (NO not Stevan! Jack!)

On the fashion front, I’m having a bit of a struggle this week. Desperately searching for anything to spend the bank’s hard earned cash on but ALAS – this bright colours trend is not friendly for us gingers. Case in point – Nicola Roberts…

 Perhaps a bit of an extreme example there but hopefully has made my point. Ginger hair, rosy complexion and anything with red/yellow/orange/pink just isn’t wardrobe kosher. Here’s some colours that I dream of pulling off…


Which brings me to my last point of the week! Next weekend I’m off to Amsterdam with my Travelbud-PEG to visit Dutch friends who we met in Laos. Just in time for Queens Day! Queens Day is a huge celebration in Amsterdam where they have parties in the street for a weekend, and everyone dresses up in my nemesis…. ORANGE!! Looking for pictures I found this little cutie poopoopuppy, who I’m going to leave you with. Na’night!

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