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kraftiness: beautiful bunting

April 21, 2011

Hello my name is Martin!

This week I have mostly been befriending Melvyn. Initially I thought he was a little strange. But we had a blast at our tea party the other day!

Look how happy he is!

All this tea party malarkey got me in the mood to show you how to make BUNTING! Apparently there’s a royal wedding next week – I dont really get it to be honest. We don’t have kings or queens for sock monkeys. I guess Katy just tells me what to do! Anyway – I know you lot go MAD for bunting (well Katy does anyway). So here are some ways for you to create some for yourself over the special celebratory weekend! I wanted to show you different ways to suit all krafters! So here is one where you don’t need one of those awful whirey things…


Trickiness rating: (not veri tricki)

This is from a blog that Katy found –

What you need: My bunting is 3.5m in length. For this you will need: Fabric (approx 6″x24″ x 4 patterns or less patterns/ more fabric), Wonder Web (25mm, 8.5meters), Cotton Bias Binding (25mm, 8.5meters), Scissors, Card (6″x6″), Iron & Ironing board, 2 Tea towels – at the end some pins – but you can manage with safety pins/ paperclips, pen or even cloth pegs, pins do work though!

Step 1: Draw a template on the card, I made the bottom of the triangle 6″, drew a 6″ line from the centre and joined the top of the line with the botton part of the triangle. Makes nice dimensions, but ANY triangle will do

Step 1 & 2 – cutting fabric

Step 2: With pencil, draw the triangle shape on cloth – mind how the pattern goes it may look better in a certain direction. If you top and tail triangles, you save cloth, as well have less to cut. I cut 3 of each of the 4 patterns: 12 triangles. Am sure 9 would like nice too!

Step 3: place 2 pieces of cloth together, cut a strip of Bias Binding the along one long side, cut a piece of Wonder web and place on Bias Binding. “Wrap” binding round the edge

Step 3: prepare the bias binding & wonder web

Step 4: place on tea towel, put another towel on top. Hold in place – it is v easy that the bias binding moves, so be careful. Place HOT iron on top. Check nothing has moved and repeat with hot iron – I leave it a little while so that the wonder web really melts. Don’t burn it though!!!

Step 5: tidy “tips”. And repeat Step 4 on other side of triangle. I make the bias binding longer on this side so it sticks out. This way you can trim to a nice crisp edge. Make up all 12 triangles.

Step 4: Iron & Trim
Step 5: repeat

Remember to place a tea towel underneath and on top – else you will get a sticky iron and ironing board!

Step 6: Trim all edges

Step 7: Lay “hanging” Bias Binding (I used 3.5meters) on floor and space out flags evenly – you can do this with a ruler or just roughly by eye. Mark middle of the bias as to where they need to go with a pencil or pin them.

Step 8: This was the trickiest bit of all, as it is such a long piece. And then iron section for section. Keep checking everything is nicely aligned. I press briefly with iron so that it holds, check it and if ok, then put the iron for longer, so that it really sets. I then went over the whole lot again making sure all the wonder web has melted and secured tightly.

Step 8: The “hanging bias

It took me two leisurely evenings of watching TV to make TWO SETS!

Please DO email me if you have any problems/ questions!



Please note this is not Katy’s bunting (as it is at work). Pictures are from – but the instructions are mine 🙂

Trickiness rating:  (leetle tricki)

If you wanna pull out all the stops and impress….

You will need:

Scraps of fabric (depending how long you want your bunting)

Bias binding (found in any haberdashery)



Sewing machine



You may want to iron your fabric before-hand – as this is much easier!

Step One

Begin by using the template provided to cut out triangles of fabric (the size of it depends on how big your bunting is, but these proportions worked well for Katy). Make the most of your fabric by “top and tailing” the triangle shapes.

Step Two

Once your fabric is triangulated, match up the triangles so you know which ones you are going to sew together. Pin two triangles together. RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Do this for all your trianglettes.

Step Three

Set your machine to straight stitch (normal length/tension – nothing special). Sew along the first LONG edge of a triangle, get to the bottom and pivot the needle whilst in the fabric and sew the second LONG edge of the triangle. Rinse and repeat for all your little triangles.

Step Four

Now you should have lots of triangle pouches. Turn them all right side out (poking the tip with a pencil from the inside so it looks pointy) and iron so they look crisp! Work out which order you would like them all to fly.

Step Five

Fold your bias binding in half long-ways, so its a long thin ribbon. IRON IT TO SMITHEREENS (the picture shown has the fold pinned before ironing). Then position all your lovely little triangles equal distance apart and pin into place INSIDE the fold you have just ironed in the bias binding. Make sure you leave some space at the end of the binding to form loops so you can hook it up! Once you are happy with their position – you’re ready to SEW!

Step Six

Wack your machine back out again. With a straight stitch (you can use  zigzag if you’re feeling fancy) SEW SEW SEW to join the binding together, as you get to the triangles, remove the pins (sewing machine will get poorly otherwise) and sew it all together. Then finish the hooks off by sewing a loop either end and FINITO.


Katy also found this…



I think this is a terrible example of sew-free bunting! It looks like Barbie’s knickers are hanging out to dry!

Bloody. Awful.


Happy bunting everyone, love Marty 😉

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  1. April 21, 2011 6:21 pm


    So pleased you like my bunting!

    Was wondering, seeing as you have used “the whole” post, (rather than a photo and a link), I would love for write a proper introduction to me and my blog at the BEGINNING of the post… if you email me info (at) redtedart (dot) com at the beginning I can whizz something over to you?

    Thank you!




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