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My so called life

April 25, 2011

It’s been a glorious bank holiday weekend. Cracking weather and lots of people to see is a recipe for big smiles on my face! I’ve split the last 4 days between meeting some fellow peglets up in Leeds, picnic-ing in the park, swigging beer from steins to the oom-pah-pahs of a pseudo-German band (much thigh slapping and table dancing ensued), reminiscing over breakfast at LS6 and a spot of retail relief AND being a domestic goddess at home. Yes, after 4 hours buzzing crazily and sweatily around the kitchen with Julie London singing in the background and roast lamb dinner for six I am back at the top of the golden child leaderboard.

Pegtip – I have found that including sweet potato mash, with a spot of cream, plenty of black pepper and whatever herb suits your meat (ie this time, rosemary) whizzed up with an electric hand blender always gets a lot of appreciation from your Sunday dinner audience. For posho-chef points pipe it onto the plate.

In true grandma-style I’m ending the long weekend with my biggest Easter egg, cup of tea and season 4 of Mad Men, back to back episodes until I fall asleep! Get in.

I’d like to take a moment to share with you my most recent shopping exploits. In H+M I found a lovely sundress, representing the friendly face of the big stripy trend to those curvy of figure who do not want to be mistaken for pedestrian assistance and from Miss KG the sandals that will sort my life out. Platforms, studs, supple leather and the ‘wooden’ look heel that isn’t that silly photo-finish cork board effect that I detest, I see me loving these babies enough to even overcome my inbuilt fear of socks and sandals to give that kooky trend a bash.Womens Shoes from Miss KG - Peppermint Black Sandals Platform

I was reminded of Raypeg’s first post on Jil Sander when I spied this skirt on a website I’d never heard of. I’m yet to decide if I girl of my height (5″2 but 5″5.5 with my new heels on!) can pull this off….

 but I just love the colour!

I revisited an old blog favourite yesterday and was reminded why I love reading it, for Tavi’s pure nuggets of cool and those gems of wisdom only a teenager somewhere in far Northern America who I’ve never met in my life can impart to an adult woman such as myself. She was banging on about a character from ‘My so called life‘ called Rayanne for her kooky and inspired stylings, you can read her exhaustive post here

Anyway my sartorial ears were so pricked up by Tavi’s raptures about this girl and the series in general which I had also never heard of I searched Youtube and watched the first two episodes. Claire Danes is a beaut in this,what can I say, I’m hooked!

Royal Wedding update: I’ll be baking a Union Jack cake in my reverence for the happy couple, update next Monday!

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