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Part 2. Colour control (and craziness)

April 25, 2011

With less than 4 weeks to the show I am feeling  pretty apprehensive about if everything will come together or not – with still a lot to do and new things to figure out – however most things are in place, including the colour! (yipppeeee!!) Here are some pictures of the slightly frustrating process that is dyeing:

Lots of calculations to work out, ensuring that the accuracy when dyeing a bigger piece is the same as the small sample. The fabric (as it is wool) has to be scoured and washed at a neutral pH level – this is so any grease or dirt or previous treatment the yarn may have had, is stripped away so to not interfere with the dye process. The fabric is then dried and weighed as the amount of dye depends on the weight of the fabric.

I am slightly cheating concerning the fact I’m using all-in-one dyes which means the ‘extra’s’  you would usually have to add like salt and leveling agents are already in the pot. I chose this slightly less hassle version as at first I was having to dye at home with Mum and Dad’s big stainless steel vat like pans, however now the university dye lab is up and running I don’t have to worry about staining Mum’s cooker (and I get to wear a white lab coat which is always a bonus). The landscape dyes have proven to be a success for anybody who doesn’t have a dye lab handy, and a good range of colours which I haven’t really needed to mix together.

At the end of last weeks part 1  – my next task was to get the correct recipe for the green and the blue shade – after quite a few attempts of trying different gradients of the green, I’m going for the one on the far left in the above photo. Possibly quite daunting that a whole dress with be in this colour – but what the hell!

After a tutorial in the week and one tutor saying; ‘…it will be a wonderful colour experience for the audience.’ I think this craziness with pay off.

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  1. April 27, 2011 11:59 am

    If you need some home spun yarn, ask estherpeg as her auntie spins it. She also has been developing natural dyes. Could be interesting to talk to her.

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