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Royally too much?

April 29, 2011
Yesterday when I woke I advised Tom that I needed to buy a wedding dress, in my mind what I had said was fine…. in his head the thought of church bells rang alarm bells, shown through his features. I don’t want a wedding dress, purely an excuse to buy a dress to watch the wedding in: Has the royal wedding infiltrated over the past 8months to become …
….Royally too much??

Kate & Wills big day has been headline news, everyone has jumped on the band wagon endorsing- Cheap & Tacky & in time I’m confident that Katie Price will fall head on into making a ‘few bob’ out of the big day too.

 I can assert that I am a royalist, I could probably name all senior royals, don’t challenge me but it’s true. I admit to being overtly excited by the day, due to it being historic, camp, elegant, a love story & a day off work…  But has the whirlwind become regally excessive? Especially when walking through a London side street I see a group of people nonchalantly wearing masks as the happy couple… This still one week before the nuptials.. & no it was not the stag or hen!

I then sit in the car later that morning, Fern cotton presenting radio one from the Mall explaining the frenzies at Buckingham Palace & I’m met by Tom’s mannish, blunt comment ‘I just don’t get what the fuss is about?’ I appreciate what he says as it has become the extreme.

 The fuss is about…Every girl had a dream of becoming a princess, every Disney film has embodied this love story, with a few woodland folk to add enchantment here & there… Add the security & press attention given to the 29th of April & a Hollywood blockbuster is born!? It’s a fairy tale on home turf, an average girl with nice hair, who met let’s admit it a Dishy Prince (We will let off his balding) Who go on to become The King & Queen of England….

I think I lost Tom at ‘Disney film’??

When Kate sweeps through the doors of Westminster Abbey today, with a 237 foot walk to the prince & becoming a princess, a carriage that Diana & Charles used at their 1981 marriage, Trumpets, a 1 billion audience watching at their screens, a who’s who guest list featuring the Beckhams, Royals, Elton & the Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa of Bahrain (AKA- The Wedding crasher??), bunting, street parties, tuna sandwiches & a dress which will hopefully live up to expectation.. What exactly is there not to get excited about when an occasion brings together a nation, noted that it may not be about the wedding to some but I imagine the long weekend will entice those pessimistic, non royalists to crawl out of their shells & enjoy the day!!…

Just as my patriotic side almost hit limit… I was told by a girl friend who designs ceramic that she only last week initiated the designing of Will & Kate’s baby collection…. I fear now that it has all got a little royally too much!!!

Looks like fun!
Street party!
Prints created.. years back!
A right royal knees up!!


I will update next week regarding the dress my preferred area of discussion & the wedding fashions next!! My dress predication a simple, elegant ivory, classic choice, designed by an English designer- Bruce Oldfield possibly Alice Temperley? Dress to have shoulders covered & to have a full skirt & a low back neck with perhaps lace?  

Chin- Chin & Pinky lifted- Enjoy the long weekend– Sophpeg x

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