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Live at Leeds 2011

May 4, 2011

Hello everyone… I have been very busy and rather terrible x

Last weekend, however I did manage to get myself to Live at Leeds!… What is that?! I hear you say….

oh go.. on then I’ll tell you..

Basically it was a lovely big festival in Leeds City Centre, in lots of different venues. I have never been to a festival in a city before… it was AMAZING….

So I managed to drag myself out of bed on saturday morning having seriously celebrated all friday at a friends wedding and skipped into town in the sun to meet Matt, followed by Rory, Aiden, Marco and Matty. Yes once again I had transformed into ‘Liv the Ladette’ and I love it!



Venues included

The Cockpit

The Faversham

Leeds Uni Stylus

Leeds Met

The Brudenell Social Club

The Nation of Shopkeepers

The o2 Academy

The Well


Leeds Holy Trinity Church

I managed to see:

Mojo Fury  – Cockpit

James Blake  – o2 Acadamy

Adult Jazz – Holy Trinity Church

Slow Club – Leeds Uni Stylus

Aloe Blacc – The Faversham

Amongst others….

The city was sunny and filled with people celebrating the bank holiday and so the vibe was ridiculous.

I high point to the day was finding the Holy Trinity Church and managing to catch a band from Leeds that we had heard of play called ‘Adult Jazz’.

The pews were filled with silent listeners sipping a warm bottle of Heineken that has been tipped into a plastic cup.

To be able to buy and drink beer in a church felt pretty weird but we soon realized why the venue was so amazing. The sound was fantastic and the acoustics made 6 that evening the perfect time to relax before getting back on it for ALOE BLACC.

So from one until 5 I managed to party.. and I don’t mean the first 5… I mean the second.. the one that is the next day..thats right ….. THE BETTER 5!

But man we had fun..

If you haven’t already.. get listening to:

James Blake – Try Willhelm Scream to ease you in…

Aloe Black – I need a Dollar

Slow Club – Because we’re dead

Actually this was amazing.. my friend is good friends with this pair from Sheffield…

They were great, packed out the union.


Other music I have been listening to this week?

OH .. go on then x but only VERY QUICKLY

Chapel Club – Palace

Anna Calvi – Anna Calvi

(particularly fallen for this one)

Gold Panda –  Lucky shinner

Jamie Woon – Mirrorwritting

I am still waiting on that new fleet foxes album out TODAY BOOM

In summary.. PEOPLE .. next year let’s all go to live at Leeds as I have now sampled it and its 10 (out of 10)

I want to leave you with a picture or Rory ‘coolkid’ Cameron – WHAT A LAD – looks like a pensioner from the back but don’t be fooled. He’s an ANIMAL… my favorite drinking animal x

Love love love x

Livpeg x

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