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…& she can cook!… The girl got it all!!

May 8, 2011


My kitchen table.

I think the phrase is ‘Jack of All Trades’. Gwyneth Paltrow, a women who has no boundaries to her ambition & a woman who has a ‘todo’ list which has been ticked off several times over.
We all have that list of what we want to achieve by day or in life, whether it be in our minds or on lined paper there is satisfaction to ticking off on completion- So imagine the feeling of having ticked off everything… & being ready to add more!

Gwyneth Paltrow, what do I title her: A singer, an actress, an Oscar winner, a mother, a wife, a business owner, a writer of the lifestyle email- GOOP & now adding author to her repertoire. With these titles accumulating under her belt this should develop a deep & sustained envy towards her, however Gwyneth Paltrow is celebrity who to me holds a genuine likability. This quality I admit makes you feel damn hard done by when God was dishing out personal qualities & attributes, however at the same time allows women to feel that they can actually have it all. Paltrow has the family & the career and has become an inspiration to women. She is someone who has had children & by no means lets this deter her ambition- This I feel a very positive & credible celebrity quality to have within today’s society.

 Born September 27th there has been careful progress to her career evolution into a member of the handsomely paid Hollywood elite. Wife to the lead vocalist of the band Coldplay- Chris Martin, Mother to Apple 6 & Moses 5, she holds an Oscar for best actress for the 1998 film -Shakespeare in Love. It is well known to be a dangerously unsuccessful barrier to cross, acting to singing however undeterred she recently joined the cast of Glee as the supply teacher ‘Holly Holiday’ to go on to perform the Cee lo Green’s hit ‘Forget you’ to not any audience but at the Grammies- a monstrous achievement & I solute!… her method disclosed: A Guinness & a beta blocker- Good stuff!!

As Holly Holiday in the hit show Glee.

The poignancy of this blog is that when out shopping for work I spied that Miss Paltrow had a new cook book in stores titled: From my kitchen table,I realized is there anything that she carn’t do? Certainly it would be easier & more economical for her to construct a list of what she carnt do- Saving on both ink & paper!!

 So the movie star- Grammy singing- Gleek transitions yet again to join the likes of Nigella & the Jamie. From flicking through the self written book out last week it actually looks rather appealing. The book is about easy dinner party food & not at all pretentious. She is not trying to be someone who knows the ropes but merely passing on knowledge. I read that she cooked for a party of 60 close friends & foodies a recipe from the new book… In my eyes that’s a woman without fear! I now want to add the title Master chef to her repertoire too. I like to make the odd crumble or lasagne however for no more than 4 guests & ill be trimming the bunt corners off or hiding the Marks & Spenser packaging at the same time.

It seems that she has had a food revolution in over the last few months, having recommended the best places for royal wedding picnic supplies in her hometownLondonon her lifestyle email- GOOP

So with this new food venture on her side I admit that Paltrow has become quite engaging to me, it might be nice while I’m inLondon for her to have someone to practice her cooking on? Alas until then I’ll buy the book!!

I think we all have our own niche and can depict our own titles- Its rather nice to have ambition & see someone succeeding… but then again some people really do have it all, but I do have to say it..well done to her!!

So what’s next on the list Paltrow… Landing on the moon?

Aha… She really does have it all!!

Sophpeg xx

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