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Turning the corner

May 10, 2011

Today I started a new job. Who knew that as an ambitious arts graduate I would be so over the moon at working in effectively, a call centre. But this is the nature of the jobs market today, and having been fortunate enough to land myself a position as a PA with uncapped opportunities and a rare breed of a boss who actually listened to me and made me feel my opinions and ideas were worthwhile, many other factors added up to me making the decision to move.

Firstly, money. Groooan… I don’t believe my dynamic and kind-hearted manager had been planning to take on a PA at all when I scored myself and interview and then gunned all my graduate enthusiasm and fear of not getting a job ever into finally having a conversation with a prospective employer. However he worked something out and I started two days later, firstly on a temporary basis but did my damnedest to ensure I was making myself worthwhile to secure a permanent job. Oh joy when the end of the month came and I could actually put something substantial into my bank account! Months later I realised as much as I enjoyed the challenges and team dynamic of this company, I was struggling to move off from the initial novelty of just watching my balance creep closer towards zero mark only to be eaten into again by the dull fundamental purchases I was making monthly with only a sliver of a silver lining of fun. It was time to ask for a raise.

We’ve all read a lot about how women struggle for equal pay to men in their same profession and how ‘we’ find it difficult to ask for more money. All it boils down to is looking at what you do for your company, knowing what it is you bring, arming yourself with assurance and confidence and then just having THE CONVERSATION. Just freaking do it!

Secondly, job satisfaction. Oh I sure was enjoying the opportunities I was getting in this job, namely the free agency to do what I thought was most important and plan my own days as well as feeling appreciated and like an integral part of the company as a whole but the fact remained that I didn’t go to University to study arts history, theory and management to work in B2B retail, I needed to find something more culturally fulfilling.

So I’ve taken a sidestep. Into the public sector. I figure its a good way to learn about this sector which impacts so soundly on the arts sector and one huge plus point: its in Manchester. Having ended a long and important relationship with someone, its time to get into a city and have some good old fashioned fun. A smart apartment, a fun flatmate and wall to wall wardrobes and (fingers crossed) new friends and handsome chaps a-plenty I’m looking forward to everything turning this corner will bring.

So, I’m currently in the market for nest-building fundamentals, I spent yesterday at Cheshire Oaks for kitchen equipment and bedding, marvelling at how expensive a pepper mill can be but grabbing lots of bargain-a-licious things and feeling like a real adult (well, nearly, I’d armed myself with Mother to advise on what the best kind of colander is and other things I’ve never had to know about) and I would really reccommend the expedition to anyone gathering all that stuff you need to set up home.

I also picked up these gorgeous red leather brogues from Radley. RRP-ing at £130 I paid a hot £44 for the beauts and I’m confident they will become indipensable for that smart office-look yet pedestrain commute to work and will last.

I’m also curating some exhibitions on the side and have secured two venues! Hoorah! There are some great artists in Staffordshire, I’ll keep The Peg updated with my discoveries!

See you next week peggies!!

This song makes me think about how lucky I am to have what I’ve got and how me and all my Peggy friends use what we’ve got  to make the most of life! Reminds me the most of LivPeg and singing it spontaneously in bed 😉

….sometimes I’m so deep.

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  1. May 11, 2011 7:16 am

    Go for it girl. The world is at your feet just waiting for you. Good luck on your journey xxx

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