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Some Passion on The Peg

May 11, 2011

Something that everyone should have is a source of inspiration and rejuvenation – a reminder that even if things aren’t perfect now then if you work a little more, a little harder, a little differently then a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g is possible…. no, I’m not being commissioned by Hallmark to write this unintentionally slimy remark. I just want to share MY source with you Pegs. And his name is Tim.


As one of 3 Pegs who are about to take the fashion industry by storm (in one way or another) I only need to look at a Vogue or Love or yes even Grazia magazine to be consumed by thoughts of my future, my imagination running away with me and my aspirations. The only problem with consumer magazines is that they are such a far and almost unfeasible target – how will I ever afford that Mulberry? Would I have to confidence to wear couture in my day-to-day? The anxiety that ensues overrides my motivation. However. Since fashion photography burst from my peripheral to my tunnel vision 5 years ago, there is one man whose evocative, challenging, beautiful and curious images have not quenched but enhanced my thirst for success – with no doubt of the destination, only the route.


Tim Walker started out in the Condé Nast library, and at only 25 shot his first fashion story for Vogue. In 2008 I went to see his first exhibition at the Design Museum and it was like walking through his head – in through one ear and out the other! Walker indulges whimsy, childlike imagination, the impossible, the physical hyperbole and the extreme in such a way that his work is like looking at a skewed fairytale. The position of each feature looks to be random and perfect but it surely must only be precise and perfect, and to initiate precision in a shoot containing 30 rabbits is beyond impressive. I wish that I knew more about art and photography to be able to provide anything but my own subjective instinct – but I don’t! – so instead I’m giving you a few of my favourite pictures from his book, an extensive corpus of his work – “Pictures”. I hope it whets your appetite as much as it does mine!




P.s – On a less introspective note, if you want a laugh tomorrow, then think of me helping out at a charity golf day dressed in head to toe Lyle & Scott and trying to look cool infront of the Editor of Drapers… this could be tricky.



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