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A nudist Summer!!

May 13, 2011

The joy of going nude… No, I’m not exposing myself you’ll be pleased to hear or removing any item of clothing, I’m layering Nude.

This week I have been collating design & colour inspiration for the new Spring Summer 2012 season which I am currently working on (I present a sneak peak of the new seasons colour options) last week I was looking at the high street for inspiration & Monday I worked the London Selfridges store to overview inspiration from the high end retailers- Along with delivering inspiration for my designs the London shopping trips created a desperation to purchase an overpriced outfit & anxiousness to purchase something with of the colour… Nude!!!

Colour palettes - Nudes levels.

 I’m not a trend follower nor setter, I feel that I have reached the age where I know what style suits me & what I feel comfortable in- My uniform usually being the oversized look (not slouchy) matched a pair of heals. I tend to dress with little embroidery or embellishment, simplistic jewelry  & the colour almost every time being black… but HELLO this seasons colour: Nude. A colour suitable for everyone, an inoffensive shade which makes a subtle statement. The seasons colour has seeped into make up, interior & all fashion fields, including the event of royal wedding.

The majority of my wardrobe being vintage or charity shop rejuvenated, the featured colour nude links back to the revisiting of old & worn out clothing. When wear & tear of daily routine & handling of a garment creates for washed out or sun drained colouring & the garments becomes a delicate dried out nude with an almost dusty matt finish. The colour palette of my Spring Summer styles is bight & refreshing from one angle with loud tangoed oranges & corals balanced with a fresh muted nudes, cool blues & mint greens, watered down into nudes. I had these colours lab dipped with the factories last week & they have a come out a treat. I’m really exited about putting the collection together!!

Discussing the royal wedding who could fault the dress of Princess Letizia who was wearing a Felipe Varela fitted nude lace dress. The balance of delicate lace, strong nude, the length & fit becomes the most elegant of dresses, a subtly eye-catching beauty! Hoorah!! However for more obvious reasons Princes Bea stole the show, her couture Valentino looked stunning with a twisting detail at the neck line however it was wholly over shadowed by the octopus style medusa head dress (I will comment no further!!). The colour however was perfect for the occasion & other guests followed suit in the pale yet statement nude colouring.

Princess Letizia wearing a Felipe Varela.

Princess Beatrice & the hat!

Nude has also featured in the new Barry.M nail varnish collection as a strong mushroom level perfect to wear with warm a summer tan, which unfortunately doesn’t come with the bottle. On the pricier level a washed out Alexander Wang knotted dress would sit delightfully by those Barry M nails!!

Mushroom shade by Barry.M

Here’s to a nudist summer!!!

Sophpeg x


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