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So where have I been…. WELL

May 17, 2011

Hey.. there… oh .. ! hi! … heya…. HIIIII

So .. I have been struggling… I have stopped listening to music and become fixated on JAMES BLAKE…

new fleet foxes…..

WOW… track titled ‘The Shrine / An Argument.’ is completely beautiful…… take a look

lets just say.. they didn’t disappoint

at 1.49 in … he sings.. ‘sunlight over me no matter what I do’ … which has .. made me feel AMAZING all week.

Unfortunately for me I have started to listen to KATY B.. in my defense.. only on the way to work.. and my excuse is …

‘it makes me feel like I can drive faster’ .. this did NOT impress my boss.. SOB

I have listened to chapel club so much that I think my head is going to explode .. it’s going to be fabulous… but.. it WILL EXPLODE…

this one is very nice …


it is called surfacing ..

‘In August 2009, the band recorded their first single, ‘Surfacing’ – despite significant radio play  – and  being named BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’ – the song was never released.’


The chorus is essentially “Dream a little Dream of me.’ and so copyright issues stopped the release!

oh god.. look at Zooey Deschanel absolutly butcher it.. I mean .. I love her.. I do … but not when she is summer.. and not when she is singing this 🙂

get the london LOOK 😦 SOB

where.. am I .. oh here I am .. ON A TANGENT

I have also further fallen in love with this one

SO … the QUESTION is … why.. have I not been doing lots of listening and thinking?

WELL.. I have been looking for somewhere to live.. and I would like to take this opportunity to express my upset with what I have SEEN … OH WHAT I HAVE SEEN!

I cant understand.. firstly.. why letting agencies bother to show you around properties that I wouldn’t want to go hang out in to inject SMACK x (I know I sound horrible ) but I’m feeling rather passionate.

What we want:

A reasonably sized 3 bedroom flat house or apartment in Headingly.. that is all.

The kind of place we have been taken around:

It’s just so sad :(….

what is sadder is that this is my fourth year of looking for a property in Leeds and .. despite now having a job…people can’t read my mind 😦  and just ….know that I want a DISHWASHER… and . and ..  a ….. coffee machine..!

people with dishwashers are just BETTER aren’t they..

I want to briefly take this opportunity to state.. that I am not one of those snobs.. I am really not. I am sort of semi joking .. probably.

I know … lets listen to this.. and PROBABLY everything will be much better:

OH yeh it did x rant over ..

kind regards, Livpeg x

ps. I know this post makes me look a little up and down…. but ‘hey ho’ .. ‘actually…  nooooooooo’ I mean.. ‘yeh its fine ‘x


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