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The Brighton 5lbs

May 18, 2011

Happy Wednesday Peglets! After a healthy session of The
Apprentice (who else is obsessed?? And… Is it just me or is Alan Sugar
getting better looking?) here I am tapping away at the keyboard and listening
to Livpeg’s recommendations – I’m on Aloe Blacc at the moment and it is a

Last weekend I ventured down to Brighton to visit my DEAR
friend Jess for her 24th birthday. Does having grown up friends make
me grown up too?? On Friday night we all went out and had a jolly good time…

… Despite the fact that my legs refused to hold me up and
I landed on the pavement more times than I would like to admit.

Going to Brighton, I always feel (Mum’s just come in and
said “It’s Peg day AGAIN?!”!!) is like going into Narnia. Nothing is generic,
no one looks the same (although, in looking different, they all look the same)
and there always seems to be the urge to shock. Are they being shocking because
they actually are, or are they shocking
because they have an audience which allows them to be? A prime example, we went
to see an art exhibition called “The Great Wall of Vagina”. First off – love the
pun. Second… Vagina? The artist has
done hundreds of plaster casts of hundreds of vaginas and has put them all
together into one curiously controversial showcase. Some are big, some are
small, some are pierced (in fact – lots were pierced!), some have tiny penises
(pre and post-op transsexuals), some are old ladies, identical twins… you
name it, he…err… plaster casted it. I think that the purpose of the
exhibition is to show that there is no such thing as ‘normal’. How funny, then,
that as we walked around and examined the V’s we were looking for the most
normal one! If you want to see more about this eye opening, and at times, eye
watering exhibition then head to


We also saw some street art performances – but I couldn’t
tell you what it was about because I was too busy thinking how much they looked
like Horrace and Jasper Baddun from 101 Dalmations.


We also saw some amazing graffiti…

Wow!! And this bunting (Katypeg, cover Martins eyes up when
you look at this) which was…yes…vaginal bunting.

Then we rounded the day off at the beach! What a brilliant
weekend and Happy Birthday Jessica Jane!!

On Monday night I went to see a medium with my Mum and 2 of
her sisters. Sceptical? So was I – commercialising a ‘gift’ like that makes me
extremely uneasy, so I focussed this unease onto the assumption that she was a
nutcase. However, as the night went on, it became startlingly clear that she
really was talking to spirits! No-one ‘came through’ (when the spirits make
contact) to us which I think is because all of my grandparents are having too
lovely a time in heaven to come to STOKE, which is so relieving because I would
have never slept again! Incredible, traumatising, inexplicable and comforting,
I would recommend anyone to go and see one of her shows:

I have been following this discussion at work today:

In a nutshell, Mary Portas has been asked by the government to bring the spark
back to British high-streets. If you’ve got about 10 hours to kill (there are
ALOT of comments) it’s worth a read, if only to be comforted in the unanimous enthusiasm
for British businesses!

Tomorrow night I’m off to see Rosepegs final year fashion
show and I am SUPER excited to see her work!! GOOD LUCK ROSEPEG!!

And lastly… “It’s not vulgar. It’s Vulva!”


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