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A mixed (peg)bag

May 19, 2011

Hi everyone,

Haven’t really got a theme or topic this week – got little bits of thoughts and news.

I’ll start with the bad news. My fellow pegs, the very sad (but expected) thing happened at the weekend. Molly, our wonderful family doggie was put to sleep on Sunday afternoon. As you know she was very poorly and there wasn’t anything left to do to help her. She in fact has been a medical marvel and defied all expectations of living beyond Christmas, so we were grateful that we spent a little bit longer with her. She will leave a big hole in our lives (as well as a physical hole because she was a fat bottomed girl!) So here is a little tribute of photos to Mo Mo (don’t have many on this computer unfortunately), also lovingly known as “table dog”. Missing you Moley x

What a couple of cuties!


How can you resist meeee?

Livpeg – I completely feel your pain about houses! It is so miserable to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere and stupid estate agents just waste your time by showing you around crackdens. It seems like the only way to get what you want is either open your purse strings or live by a nuclear power plant. We have had to do the former…  To cut a very long and boring story short, after much searching and scratching our heads and shouting at incompetant estate agents who don’t know their arse from their elbow (God I sound like my Dad), we have (fingers crossed touch wood) found a house in Box (a more “hip and trendy” village down the road) with TWO bedrooms AND a PATIO with small GARDEN. Finally my fellow peglets you will be able to stay chez Katypeg comfortably in your own little room! Already I cannot wait to buy our first patio furniture set (does that mean am I officially grown up now?) Livpeg – you thought YOU were sad wanting a dishwasher! Anyway we move in (fingers crossed touch wood) mid June so I think a peg trip down saiff is on the cards this summer 😀 Pictures to come next month…

Also – The Makery got featured on a website called From Britain With Love. There are course notes on there on how to make a really sweet clasp purse and guess who the tutor was…. yep that’s right me and my double chin are on this site.

Enjoy har har!

Also the nice lady craft journalist Claire Kelly that wrote the piece has got her own blog and it’s dead good, like. Lot of crafty news and ideas from across the country….

Sorry this peg is so short but I’ve had a funny couple of weeks, lots of ups and downs, very busy at work but hey ho isn’t everybody – summer is around the corner PHEW.

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