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Polka dot Bikini.

May 20, 2011

Happy… didn’t describe the weekend mood after organizing a holiday, the description of ‘A little girl having just been told she was heading to Disney land’ is a description which lets you into my day. Unfortunately I’m not heading to Disney land, this probably due to people not being able to handle my reaction. I’m excitingly heading to Espanola…..

& then….yes then…. having mellowed from the thought of Sangria, Sun, Sand & Sea there was the awful realization (one I’m sure you may have an understanding of) that it was a over a year ago since I let the world see me in a bikini!!! …& the world who saw me was a few Greek folk on a small island whom I would never see again- that was fine however this time it would be a new feller. I therefore allowed my self-centered, self-conscious thoughts to be followed by thoughts of my methods which would allow me to carve my ideal beach body…. Immediately after these thoughts followed an abundance of cake from my brothers 30th birthday, the realization was actually that this carved ideology beach body would never materialize.

To compensate for the overactive mind I let my thoughts run wild with bikini ideas, to support my theory that if you love the garment you will feel great in it… Marilyn had a curvacious body & was suitably gorgeous- therefore inspiration for the holiday look- Hello Miss Monroe!!!

A polka dotted Monroe.

One piece costume.

Love the polka dot!!

...or maybe the suprise is all you need ??


...& for the flamenco evening!!

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