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One busy peglet…

May 21, 2011

Firstly, sorry for my unexplained absence these last few weeks – its been rather hectic to say the least!  As I am one of the only remaining peglets still studying – it is that grossly unpopular exam period – the time when lives are spent 7am-11pm in the library – in unbearable temperatures, surrounded by sweaty men and girls taking each other out to to gain access to the one remaining computer – with even facebook being taken over by neverending, generic status updates mostly relating to ‘PEOPLE TALKING IN THE QUIET ZONE!’ 

Coupled with this surge in revision/exam stress, i have another excuse for my ‘unexcusable’ absence and that is…the  beginning of the cricket season.  Now, to all of my fellow peglets this is a concept i imagine they dont quite understand, and for that i do not blame them.  I have played cricket now from the age of 9 and every single time the cricket season comes around again, i question myself as to why?…This is down to a number of things, and i wish to share them with you/rant to relieve the pressure that is building up inside of me (slightly dramatic maybe…but this is no laughing matter…:P )

1) Every year the cricket season unhelpfully falls right slap bang in the middle of the exam period – now this is stressful enough – without having to plan all of your revision around matches that do not last the acceptable 2 hours of say a hockey or football game, but instead a staggering 8 hours! I mean surely this is somewhat ridiculous? The plan is always to ‘take revision notes to the game and revise whilst waiting to bat or travelling in the car’ but this NEVER HAPPENS – due to the neverending cricket banter with your fellow teammates and the stress that accompanies every game…(this could just be a personal thing as i do take it quite seriously, but nevertheless it drives me insane).

2) Further to this, instead of improving with age and practice, i seem to be getting much much worse (this being further reinforced last weekend when i unfortunately allowed my dad to come and watch me play – i had just being bowled out for a big fat resounding ZERO – only to walk off the pitch to face my dad who very unhelpfully and not at all constructively said: ‘So Rach, whats happened to your bowling then? You used to be able to pitch the ball!’ – yeah thanks dad, seeing as BOWLING was the last thing on my mind after just BATTING so terribly. So yes – another reason i ask myself why i bother.

3) Finally, this ‘dire’ situation is further fuelled by my university teams recent promotion into the premier league – this means that the matches have now been increased from a relatively acceptable 3o overs (roughly 5 hours of play) to a staggering 50 overs (8+ hours).  Now, this is coupled with the fact that the teams we are now playing largely consist of England players – bear in mind i am not on top of my game at the moment AND want to DO WELL in these exams – having to spend time unhappily concentrating on trying to defend my wicket against an ENGLAND spin bowler or just trying to get a bat in front of a ball being hurtled down the wicket at me by an ENGLAND pace bowler is not exactly the way i want to be spending my time right about now.  Additionally to this, it does not help when you bowl a ball and a talented ENGLAND batter steps down the wicket to you and slogs you for 6 (with the ball being lost over someone’s house) – moral victory indeed.

I could continue to rant for abit longer, but yes its time to get back to this revision as i have one of those ‘fun cricket games’ to play tomorrow – which will of course take the whole day and put me in a bad move all evening – with revising being substituted for eating takeaway chinese and watching ‘celebrity juice’ or any other trashy tv to try and get a laugh out of me….. 

Oh and because of all of this listed above – im afraid i just dont have the time to come up with any inventful or slightly tasty meals that i can share with you – this being due to the fact i am eating (alongside the regular chinese takeaways) tesco’s finest microwaveable meals and countless packets of crisps…CLASSY? INDEED.

Love to all my fellow peglets and sorry for my terrible absence xxx LilRayPeg

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