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Yo quiero un te verde?!

June 1, 2011

Hola cariños!
After 5 fantastic days in Valencia, I now know how to order a green tea in Spanish! (even if the locals don’t understand me…as they literally laughed me out of the cafe).

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I went to visit my gorgeous friend Aimee. Look! Here she is, drinking Horchata, a famous drink in Valencia. It’s sort of milky/nutmeggy/icey/spicey and very very tasty.


We did usual Valencian things, seeing the city…


Picking flowers for our hair….

Admiring the view…..


Larking around on top of the cathedral….


And getting some new, totally on trend, sunglasses.


We also had not one, but two siestas in the park! One of them I was rudely woken up from by


It fell on me,
even though I wasn’t near an orange tree! Am I the next Newton??!!

Chatting with Estherpeg earlier today, she asked me what I bought. So here! I’ve taken a picture!:

Some beautiful black and white flamenco postcards, a tea tin (am nesting even though I don’t
have a house), a wheel of cheese and this UTTERELY ADORABLE SO CUTE I COULD CRY leather biker jacket keyring! I love it!! The zip actually works! Am I mad? Everyone else seems horrified by it but ooohh I love it and it has been
officially PEGGED. And then to make things even better I came home to the July
Vogue on the doorstep! Yum!

 While nestling myself in the June edition on the aeroplane I read up in ‘Street Lights’, and initiative by Carol Woolton the jewellery editor. She has teamed up the world’s most esteemed jewellers on Bond Street with London students to create innovative and exciting window displays. How fantastic and most of all encouraging that these opportunities are out there, and being established by experts! The pictures are gorgeous and well worth a look:–vog/gallery.aspx?Page=1

 I particularly like the Boucheron window with the turban! Which one is you’re favourite?!

 Peg love x

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