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Are the little black bits in bananas tarantula eggs?

June 2, 2011

Hi Peggers,

Well as most of you will know, I’ve been fretting and worrying about the Big ol’ Tesco Collection Weekend for months now. Hoorah I can finally say it has been and GONE. Just to explain – Alzheimer’s Society are Tescos charity of the year, which is incredible because hopefully we will secure millions of dolla from this partnership, allowing to continue (and expand) the work we do. Part of this involves a huge recruitment of collection volunteers to simply – stand. with a bucket. in tescos. and give people stickers. and not run off with the bucket at the end of the day. Very pleased to say we had so many wonderful staff and volunteers throw themselves in the deep end and get stuck in. Needless to say I roped in my loved ones to help me out. Here is a picture of me and mamapeg doin our thang.

Yes you are right, those ARE blue wigs. You may laugh (as many tesco shoppers didn’t hold back on) but the blue wigs became a subject of humour and more importantly, pity, ultimately being the reason why we received so many donations. So I’m not complaining! The store that I collected at stacked up 600squids over the two days – a figure that I think is pretty damn good. I think it’s amazing that a smile, a collection bucket and a charity logo is enough to make the public want to spare some of their hard earned cash. The weekend really boosted me because you realise how generous people can be with their spare change and their time. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Especially this young girl (about 11 or 12) scooted up to me (on her scooter, would you believe) and asked me “How much should I give you?” after resisting the temptation to say “well these stickers are a tenner each mate, so jog on and get your mummy” of course I said “whatever you want!” she gave me £3 (all of her pocket money) and she excitedly took a sticker. What a cutie.

Well Martin hasn’t been up to much this week. He’s spent a lot of time round the house, being bored because I’ve not had time to take him out or play with him. I came back from work to find him doing a bit of light reading…

Things must be bad…

The reason for the title is that I’ve stumbled across the magic that is the Mighty Boosh, so this week I shall leave you with some comedy treasures.

S’laterz pegz xxx

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