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Guilty As Charged!

June 8, 2011

Guilty Pleasures week on The Peg has set my mind ABLAZE with guilty pleasures – what I should admit to, what I shouldn’t, should I feel guilty about this, and does that one even count as a pleasure?!! So before I get completely confused with the concept I’m going straight in with the first one (I’m going to do these in least guilty à most guilty order, I’m like a Pegging Dermot O’Leary if you will…)

1)Tasselled, leather and animal print clothing – at the same time, in quantity. Yes. I might not have alot of it (only because I fear I will lose my friends/boyfriend/MOTHER) but each time I see anything with a feature of this in a shop I stop, sigh, touch the garment, maybe even try it on a see how it feels against my skin…. At times, I’m watching vintage episodes of Friends and I think Janice looks… GOOD! I know, ohh….my…gooddd.

2) Eating large quantities of cheese. I know LittleRayPeg has Pegged before on all of the benefits of cheese, and I too am under its
spell. You know last week when I told you about the wheel of Spanish cheese that I brought back from Valencia? Well, it’s nearly all gone and I cut myself three sizeable wedges tonight to munch while cooking tea. Most of my feelings about ODing on cheese are pleasure related however guilt does tend to slip in when I catch angles of myself in the mirror with the mother of all double chins.


3) Come Dine With Me is like, the best programme, like, ever. I’m sure I’m not alone in that, if I see one, then I have to sit through
the following 4 episodes before I am fully satisfied. This is where the guilt kicks in – at the thought of how many Sunday afternoons I have wasted (aka – LOVED) while enjoying Dave Lambs quips and other people’s weird cooking techniques.

4) In at number 4…oohh this one is bad. I LOVE, yes, actually l-o-v-e rather than the less committed version l-u-v …sparkly phone cases. Hear me out before you throw me to the dogs! First reason why I shouldn’t feel guilty about this is because Carrie Bradshaw has a jewel encrusted phone!

I like the way they make the phone look a bit heavier, and I like the way they sparkle, and, ohh, I just WANT one! (Pegs, my birthday is coming up, please can someone buy me a kit so that I can get my BB blinged?!) A few times now I have stared at the sparkly phone cases wistfully on one of those stalls they have in shopping centres (you know, the ones that look illegal) and have been too ashamed to ask the cost of the case. But I don’t want to hide anymore!!! Not in the dark, with my dull phone! I want diamantes!

5) NUMBER FIVE. I’m going to keep this one short. Whitney Houston – before cocaine. Sing along!! “And when the night faalllls, my lonely heart callsss… OHHH! I wanna dance with somebody!”


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