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Guilty Pleasure Week

June 8, 2011

Hey, so .. before I lose all credibility by admitting to enjoying some terrible music…. there are a few things I wanted to pop on here this week:

This is band that we happened to catch at LAL (Live at Leeds) in the church. They look soo young… but what they do it SO SWEET. This was ovo someones project music video but its PROPER NICE.

They are called ADULT JAZZ…BOOMING!

Leeds people.. if you look closely you can see the stadium in a couple of shots…. so you can see where they were ‘perched’ as it were.

try and listen all the way to the end.. cause they go nuts and its VERY NICE

I also wanted to bang on about Ghostpoet… which I heard in the car the other night and got all happy about:

This track ‘Cash and Carry me Home’ has recently become the soundtrack to my life…. which I know is probably not a good thing.

On a slightly more Lighthearted note I would like to introduce  Wild Beasts:

This has recently become one of my favorites, the album ‘Two Dancers’ released in 2009 is ACE DEAD DEAD ACE as they say in stoke…..

Also on the album is a track that is probably recognizable to everyone, I think it was on an O2 ad or something similar check it outsssssss:

(minus the vocals ovo) – Oh maybe SANTANDER?

The new album came out this year titled ‘Smother’ get involved with both please and thankyou. WIN

Right then… lets be avin yah…


It was one idea of mine to come up with a post called:


This was going to explain that sometimes I get so bogged down listening to some properly intense music I decide it is NOT doing anything for me and opt for something to ‘LIGHTEN THE MOOD’ shall we say.

This for me unfortunately has and possibly always WILL be VANESSA CARLTON – a thousand miles:


I am not gonna lie… I quite like AVRIL LAVIGN n all 😦


but I feel ace already.. DO YOU?

When I was younger I always used to claim that my guilty pleasure was ALIEN ANT FARM (I shared this secret love for AAF with one CHARLOTTE GELLATLY

so here we are and .. sorry 😦

God I was/am emo.

I know that people are probably going to hit me for this.. but truly .. I mean it when I say..

I like ROD STEWART 😦 ..

i know…… it’s like an illness … I don’t want to .. but I do 😦


I have to say that currently my biggest and most up to date guilty pleasure is Nicki Minaj:


I probably like this song because  it is actually just The Big Pink… I’m not sure whether it is because she sings about being a bit of a stud?

Also…… everyone must have heard me put this on… THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER:

I love her ‘British VOICE’ as Scott Mills calls it…

wrapping in different accents to make stuff rhym IS cheating.. but I cannot resist that shit British ACCENT




WAIT … before I get sent down… I would like to ensure that everybody who has NOT SEEN


watches it please and thankyou… I saw it recently and  havent stopped laughing .. not word of a lie….. Im on meds for it and everything .. they’re calling it … elation! WIN

OVER AND OUT …. or.. UNDER AND IN.. … hmmm nahhhhh


livpeg x

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