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Like a leaky dyke…

June 9, 2011

Hi all,

SO I am prepared to reveal all of my guilty pleasures?? Only if you are prepared to be disgusted, disappointed but above all shamed. Ok – so things I hate to love. Let’s CATEGORISE!


With so many channels, there are so many ways to go wrong. Really it’s not our fault. Like Raypeg, I too adore CDWM. I never tire of it. I’d happily watch episodes I’ve already seen. I actually lie to Sam if he thinks I’ve watched it before and pretend I haven’t and laugh extra hard at Dave Lamb’s jokes for effect. However – I also enjoy Coach Trip. Very similar to CDWM in that strangers are forced to spend time together but on Coach Trip they could spend WEEKS with people they don’t like. TRAPPED ON A COACH HAHAHAHAHA. Couldn’t imagine anything worse. The tour guide Brendan is defo a highlight making his sarcy, camp as christmas remarks about saucy europeans. I love it when he makes an inuendo to the camera and then turns and walks away. Here’s the best clip I could find.

Another TV guilty pleasure is Grand Designs – presented by Kevin McCloud who is such an elegant wordsmith but also – so cutting. Inspiring my title for this peg, he once beautifully and poetically said… “This timber steel fits the steel frame like a Dutch boys finger fits a leaky dyke”. I’m not sure what he means, I’m not sure Kevin is sure what he means. But he sounds amazing.


This was on the telly the other day and I simply could not resist. MISS. CONGENIALITY. But how can you resist when Sandra Bullock looks …. when she looks so good.


Not only have you got Sandy to look at but I also think that her love interest – Benjamin Bratt – looks smokin. I act like a schoolgirl when I see him in this film! Dear oh dear….

The storyline is predictable. The acting is mediocre. But there is something about it that has a winning formula for bubblegum entertainment.


Oh dear – yet another inexplicable infatuation! After many many hours of being subjected to watching Man Utd play football on the tellybox, a girl needs to find a way to whittle down the 90 minutes. Van de saar has been the answer to my prayers. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to find anyone that agrees with me. But it’s slim pickings on the Man Utd squad! It’s either Ryan Giggs or Wayne Rooney as the alternatives. What do you think of this fine speciMAN?


Oh god. I just love Pop Tarts. There I said it. It started at uni, when (in an attempt to make friends) you reminisce about things you lvoed as a kid (like tv theme tunes). And this came up. Bearing in mind that I was A FAT kid. So I started buying them and eating them not just at breakfast time but because they make a great afternoon snack (goddamit). SO now out of embarrassment I have to run down the cereal isle so I’m not lured into temptation to pick up all the flavours.

God I want one now just looking at this picture.


Last but not least…One day, I happened to stumble across this little gem of an album – Ministry of Sound Disco Anthems. And BOY has it got some absolute corkers on there. I think this song I’m going to feature is the worst in a lot of ways, as I’m sure musical experts would say Beethoven is spinning in his grave. But I think something wonderful happens when Ludwig’s 5th merges with a stonking disco disco beat.


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