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A Spiced up.. Guilty Pleasure!!!

June 12, 2011

Sophpeg: I must warn all that I am currently channeling my inner teen… & I am thoroughly enjoying it!!

I hit the spice mania probably at best age, an age where I was most likely to be influenced as a child-I was caught up in the swirling madness of girl power. Led by Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty yes now that your lot…. ( Guilty pleasure now in full swing, sorry I couldn’t resist the ‘Lady is a vamp’ lyrics).

The Spice Girls, the British pop girl group formed in 1994 consisting of Victoria Beckham (née Adams), Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Geri Halliwell. First single ‘Wannabe’ established the group to be a global phenomenon. I remember these girls influencing my attitude, my wardrobe & my desire to don a union jack dress at any given moment. Girls wanted to be them & boys wanted to be with them, it even initiated the notion of father’s offering to take their daughters to the concerts for the sake of ‘Baby spice’!

Yes my 90’s Spiced up childhood is my guilty pleasure & one which won’t die out that easy- I’m sure reading this that there are many of you feeling who feel the same? To full fill this guilty pleasure I went to the Spice girls reunion tour at the O2 arena a few years back, as I’m divulging my memoirs I must admit that this was one of the best gigs I’ve been too (Did I go too far saying that?) … You don’t forget the words all that easy either.  There were young kids sitting around me who didn’t quite get the essence of the girl power days, however looking back I was OTT as these little darlings sat oh so politely watching the show with me belting out every syllable, standing on my chair lighter in hand swaying to mama!!

Spice Mania 1996.

My final guilty as charged disclosure initiated at the age of 9 & having Ginger hair no points for who I had to dress up as… & all I wanted in my life was to put my Black Tammy girl dress on & pout like Posh!! Although I don’t want to pout like Posh these days or even dress up as her I have a girl crush on Victoria Beckham, this stemmed from my early years. Ok… I want to be her seen as though she’s now got her own collection, sleeps with David Beckham & has the gorgeous rich life style!! Oh to be the daughter of this women, just imagine the hand me downs! Yes, that’s my guilty pleasure laid bare & I actually thought I had dignity but unfortunately not!!!

VB's collection.

On a more recent note I went on a work trip to China last December, designing the showroom collection & whilst in one of the Nanjing factories (having worked nonstop for 9days with long hours) I admit I became delirious… However to my delight the music which the factory had which was not Jay Choi, was oh yes the Spice girls- These girls always there when I need them!! Singing ‘Stop right now’ suddenly brought out an inner pleasure…. I wasn’t the only one I can assure who felt benefit of ‘Spice up your life’ either!! But alas I was the only one to request the factory to repeat the album when it had finished… Guilty as charged!!

The gig which I should have gone to when was 8!!Spic mania when I was 21!!!

P.S Dont tell anyone !!

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