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The Lava Girls

June 15, 2011

First off I would like to say congratulations to KatyPeg. Behind the scenes of ‘The Peg’, Pegville, if you will, us Peglets can see all
the comings and goings of you followers. Today, someone Googled “Russian Babes” and guess where they ended up, thanks to Katypeg’s post a few weeks ago! There were no babes but hopefully their minds were blown in other ways.

This week I have been…err…well there was that time I… ok so this week has been a little bit of a non event. Aside from sitting at the
side of the m6 for a few hours on Friday night in a poncho and foil blanket kindly provided by the highway assistance men (many thanks, by the way, to the man who MOT’d my car on Thursday and neglected to put the wheel back on correctly, resulting in billows of black smoke pouring out of the wheel and a very disgruntled Raypeg) nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

This led me to do something I thought would never happen. I actually uploaded my photos from travelling. Bearing in mind that I got back from my 6 month trip a whopping 9 months ago, it’s taken an awful lot of guilt, procrastination, dedication and one rainy Sunday afternoon to get me to this point. Anyway, my dear friend Jess (I know your reading this JJA – she is our biggest fan!) is about to embark on a similar trip in a STONKING 19 days and we have been sending frenzied emails for the past few days on travel advice, tips, and crucially, when to take your malaria tablets. All of these combined have led me to take a trip down Memory Lane. If you’re wondering how to get to Memory Lane, by the way, it snakes around South East Asia (narrowly avoiding Thai riots) hops over to the East Coast of Australia, busses its way around New Zealand and then goes kayaking in Fiji. Here are a few of my favourite moments:

P.s. Happy Father’s Day on Sunday to my PegPa – the golfer,fisherman, pilot, (ex)dentist, keen Scot and all round fixer of broken things xx

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