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The mad hatters dash for Ascot!

June 20, 2011

Dear all, this week my little life has been consumed with Royal Ascot, having had tickets & then dropped for two years on the trot I feel 3rd time lucky next year… The tickets not materialising in to the day event- not being my fault… the fault of boys of corse!!



Monday & Tuesday evenings were used up by trawling through Oxford Street & Regent Street’s finest, attempting to find a friend the perfect dress for Ascot. The impossible task of not going too high street to avoid the mirror effect of someone in the same dress & not daring to walk through the doors of Lanvin & Chanel…. in case her card declined or we just got thrown out!!!

The dress we found her... She wore it far better than the model!! Jo (An avid peg reader) take note of this statement for forthcoming Birthday/Christmas presents!!

I look at Royal Ascot & think ‘I could do that!!’ I could don on the dress in hope to outshine others, sip champagne, followed down by strawberries, Hello men in suits & yes a Hatttttt!!!

The hat being what Ascot is renowned for, so Jo & I headed to John Lewis in hunt for a bonnet. Half past 7 Monday evening the store quietly ticking over, store assistance tidying, clock watching & asking far fewer people than before if they would like a spritz of the new Jean Paul Gultier… We then turn the corner to the hat department, no word of a lie (Would I do that to you?) & there were women scrambling over each other to grab hats, feathers literally flying from the peacock head dresses (Think the episode of friends when Monica wants a wedding dress in the half price Barny’s sale!!) We braced ourselves politely visiting the hats at the edge of the department, to be met by a woman shapely asserting to her boyfriend ‘Have I bought you to play on your mobile phone or to help find me a hat??’ ……I KNOW…. first time I’ve been on the man’s side in an argument for a long while!!!! Alas Mr John Lewis did not provide/we did not want to lose a limb for a fastenater.

 I have this dream of looking the vision of Audrey Hepburn at Ascot, positively jeering my horse on a lot like Miss Doolittle in the classic film My Fair Lady. From looking at the headwear & dress attire at Ascot I ever more want to, undeniably with a rich man or group of Peglets, so third time lucky next year girls?!… Let’s hope!

Cabbage hat extraordinaire?


The epitome of Ascot images.I feel this being a Peglet image for next year!! ...Yar?


Lots of love xxx

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