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The hiccup from the sangria.

July 1, 2011

Hello all, So the summer brought me a lovely little vacation in the shape of a mini tour of ESPANOLA. The past week has been filled with the glory of: Sangria, tapas, chorizo, sun, sand, sea &…. more Sangria- Ai Ai Ai… Arrribaaaaaa.


The mini tour of Espanola initiated in my favourite city of Barcelona for 3 days in the glorious hotel called ‘Hotel Actual’ check it out- especially the ceiling people! This dime of a boutique hotel is next door to the Gaudi building ‘Casa Mia’. I then put my bum-bag on, sun visor on my head, socks & sandals on & visited the Segrada Familia. I’ve been three times before & the inside looks stunning. We then visited Park Guel & after more bum-bag tourism, I felt the need to sprawl on the beach with a Mojito, a Spanish guy makes them on the beach with you!!


Barcelona only half completed as there was so much that I wanted to do -we then took a flight to Granada & travelled to a little village on the south coast of Spain called Almunecar. Almunecar is a beautiful unspoilt Spanish village, a village that tourism has not yet touched & a village where I always have my own secret get-away. I have been visiting Almunecar since I was 10 & this year I had my first conversation in Spanish in years…. A- Level Spanish is never that far away!!! Thank you Senorita Slight!! All in all –‘Mis vacaciones fue muy bueno’…. However a miss Miller holiday has never ran smoothly & I doubt ever will, this year being in the form of my boyfriend….I had idolised the holiday into thinking it would be a type of Hollywood movie, my red lip stick against my summer dresses, hand in hand down Spanish streets… but no, this due to him writing his name wrong on his air ticket- I know a very easy mistake given he has been writing it for 25 years, this then resulted in me to crying at the airport as we literally made the plane by 1 minute to flight… & him then having tonsillitis for 5days of the 7…. That aside I loved the holiday & I hope anyone going away has a lovely time & ensures to check exactly what their name is before travelling!!!! J xxx



One likes to occasionally look like a 70's woman!


Segrada Familia.


Park Guell.


There is this much space in Park Guell.


Segrada Familia!!!


Inside the twirly towers.


Spanish Beautifulness.



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