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There’s more to Resort…

July 20, 2011

Well Peglets, Peg admirers, Peg Sympathisers and those who have Peg fetishes, today is Wednesday and we all know what that means! After consuming pie with my dear beloved friend Ashlea, I am now suitably nourished to discuss Resort collections with you.

Resort collections are usually straddled by their vocabularic companions: ‘Cruise’, ‘Bretton stripe’, and to the humble high street shopper, ‘LINEN’. Nothing wrong with linen mind you – also I am more than a little bit of a fan of the bretton stripe (but mostly because the other stock summertime decoration – floral – makes me look like a five year old girl with outrageously fast growth hormones). This year however the collections have stepped up a notch. Resort is no longer a collection to appease the masses heading off to Barbados, Barcelona or Benidorm! Now established as a season in its own right, strong features like tribal print, neon lace and PVC appear. Even my longtime love, tassels creep in! Here’s a few of my favourite looks…



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