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July 21, 2011


Guess whooz back! Hoorah for internets! Many pesterings later I finally got the boypeg to get us ONLINE. Well – a lot has happened in my peg absence. I’ve got a lot to cover over the next few weeks! First things first, I experienced another Glastonbury this year and would like to shre with you a couple of video and photo gems.


This category has GOT to come first because let’s face it – what is more important than exploring the fine veggie foods of a festival. With hundreds of opportunities to eat at any time of the day or night, a lot of tricky decisions had to be made. It was hard to resist the charms of Pie Minister – where you know exactly how tasty it will be. With meals at £6.50 a pop, you don’t want to gamble on questionably unhygienic Mexican food stand. This however was a wonderful find –

Now we aren’t just talking boring old crumpets, these are homemade with mind-boggling ingredients. Like the “Bloody Mary” – tabasco, lea and perrins, pesto and CHEESE. FIT.

Ok now onto the music –


Foster the People were brilliant. Unfortunately didnt get filmed by the Beeb so this vid will have to do. They genuinely looked like they were having the best time up on stage and were really happy and excited to be there. They acted like a big family, taking it in turns to play different instruments – they are all so talented! AND they gave out free masks to all! Heres me –


It was a combination of the cold and the rain (like an annoying spitty mist – that aint sweat on Bono’s face) and the giant ego that was bigger than the pyramid stage. Yep he even had us fooled that he had a live link up with an astronaut in SPACE. WE AREN’T STUPID BONO. The arrogance of Bono is shocking, fair enough he’s an international superstar – PAY YOUR BLOODY TAXES THEN. Eugh. Their set was fine I guess. But I was totally distracted from the egotistical prick with the sunglasses.



Radiohead surprised me in a number of ways. 1 – they played under the name “special guests” and weren’t a billed act. 2 – on the same stage two years running. 3 – they played a set completely void of all the crowdpleases the thousands of people who swarmed the Park stage had come to see. They played mostly from their new album – The King of Limbs – to roadtest for their imminent tour (I reckon) which as a fan I totally enjoyed. But it was definitely just a gig for the fans. There were a group in front of us in the crowd who got bored because they didnt play Creep so they took a load of drugs and then they started to enjoy themselves. They played bits and bobs from In Rainbows which got everyone going a bit, but only played Karma Police and Street Spirit as their crowd pleasers. Interesting choices. I was disappointed that Thom didn’t perform his Lotus Flower dance as featured in my previous peg…. 😦


I feel bad for posting this because it’s like being rude to your Grandad. In fact he is the same age as my Grandad! I just can’t appreciate blues apparently – it alllll sounds the same. Look at those DIFFERNT SONGS! THEY ARE THE SAME! The disappointing element of the act was that I thought I would hear songs I recognise and could sing along to AND we missed Darwin Deez for him 😦


Not an official video but this was my FAVE bit of her set! Hope you like this raypeg! I love it when Bootylicious starts up and you can hear a guy wooping and say – “Look at that…look at that”. Look at her jelly everyone. Enjoy.

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