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August 2, 2011

I closed my weekend down on Sunday with a long awaited trip to Patisserie Valerie in Manchester. I am forever gawping into the windows at the mouth-watering, fatty fayre on display, works of custard-chocolat-fraises-pastry art in miniature and magnificent proportions. However I was most disappointed when on arrival, the sweat stained manager sat me and my two friends at a table for two by the toilet, awarding the coveted comfy leather window seats to a grimy couple, there was a distinct lack of service and they competely forgot to bring us our drinks. Yes, the cakes were a delight but I assumed that this would be a dreamy experience, infused with the joie de vivre of Paris in the je n’est ce quoi manner that I associate with an iconic city to which I have personally have never been. I doubt I ever will in fact as I believe that the Paris-of-my-Mind is better than the real thing, at least the experience I could afford. Still, perhaps the other P.V.s of the world might satisfy fellow pastry lovers.

In other news, I have a fun packed week ahead. Tonight, after seeing a now-ex-colleague off in the only wino way I know how I’m off to a Lindy-Hop class at Missoula at Deansgate Locks. This fun and joyful dance was brought over to Britain by the American GIs during the war, god love ’em, see the video below: 

I’m also trying speed dating on Wednesday and trampolining class on Thursday, woohoo!

I’ve been absolutely loving Caitlin Moran’s book, ‘How to be  Woman’, it’s honestly changed the way I think about life! GO. GET. NOW.

I laughed, sobbed and smirked throughout. All women need to get on board with this, life will be ultimately better. 

I’m standing on a chair: I AM A FEMINIST!

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