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Blowing the trumpet!!

August 6, 2011
Hello to you all, yes each & every one of you- My you have all grown!!… I feel that this break could be classed as ‘the peg summer holiday’ before a fresh August start?? Either way I think we have the ball back rolling & this peg has secured a special post for next week with an interview with a boutique owner & an insight into her business venture… Anyway I wanted to so call ‘blow my own trumpet’ this week & say hoorah & raise a glass with you peglets!!

…After the turmoil of initiating a new job close friends know that however much I love my job role as a designer its really not been the smoothest of rides- I could go as far to say that its been like riding the ride Rita from Alton Towers… as after 8days into my job I was flown to Tokyo & China for 16days & with the excitement of that it was actually damn hard work- as to be honest I did not even know my role!! To then contend with the pressure of holding meetings with industry whilst still not having my feet under my desk properly &… last but not least having the boss from hell!! This being my first role from Uni, it’s not been the easiest… Moan, moan, blah, blah & so many months later… with two legs, feet flat under my desk I have my first designs in store- Yipeee.

I have 31 designs in ASOS this Autumn, having really worked closely with the ASOS buyers over the past 6months & there will be more of my styles coming in over August & September with Urban Outfitters.

Is it wrong to blow my own trumpet- ah well ~!!!

…I would like to take this opportunity on the blog to thank my fellow pegs with the countless phone calls of support- mwah!!!

Long live the peglets – See you next week xx

Urban Outfitters Wax Jacket Style.xx

ASOS - Detachable Lining Parka Style.


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