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Yellowstone Boutique

August 12, 2011

Under the multi coloured bunting lies a modern yet vintage boutique sitting beneath the sign ‘Yellow Stone Boutique’. Unlike sauntering into a pristine gallery where high shine & an ultra modern glass makes the space own a pretentious feel- The Yellow Stone Boutique space feels thoughtfully positioned & welcoming. This homely arts boutique full of small yet satisfying buys, great for gifts, home ornamentation & personal accessories, gains comfort in the knowledge that its 1950’s kitchen display cabinets & retro wardrobes, along with a long leather couch offers an attractive warmth allowing the customer to venture in with ease & intrigued.

The boutique sits within the Trentham Craft Village, on the out skirts of Stoke-On-Trent. The craft Village has grown tremendously since its opening 6years ago: with log cabin stores, a warehouse craft & garden centre, a monkey park & Italian gardens- All of this obviously providing the foot fall, however I already feel that this personalized boutique has already developed its own handcrafted niche in the craft village.

The owner of the boutique Hannah Stoney fresh out of university last year, graduating from a Fine arts degree at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham to gain a first class honors. She has a unique business approach to unearth new artists. Hannah selects work without disclosing her means when attending fairs, exhibitions & trade shows too approach those who she feels would suit & work within the boutique, inviting them into the gallery to showcase. This cunningly performed, as she is therefore only helping those who have lifted their business already to a certain level, & quite rightly so, to ensure that she is not carrying people on her own business & only asserting the talents that are recognizable as business entrepreneurs. She tells me how all work sits harmoniously together in the boutique not one outweighing the others but all ceramics, jewelry, arts, screen prints & textiles complement each other to allow the homely, almost make do & mend essence.

Hannah discusses that she worked through university aiming to achieve her own space, a space which is initiated for the consumer & artists alike. ‘It is not always easy for graduates to expose their work & promote- I hope that the Yellowstone Boutique provides an opportunity to let work be admired by all.’ Hannah understands this as she is also a screen printer with her work displayed in store currently.

Post university Hannah worked in the Alan Cristea gallery in London, a dream job some would say- however the niggle of setting up a much longed for work space took grip & after 6months she cut the cord & terminated the role to achieve a business in the boutique art world. A step that was admittedly a risk however is paying off since the store opening date March 19th 2011.Yellowstone  Boutique has had support from Hannah’s mother, Steph.‘ My mum has been brilliant’ she admits ‘her help has allowed me to continue my screen printing.’ Both Hannah & her mum have both had positive feedback while working in store- as not only do the aesthetics please but the price points initiate from 1pound upwards, appealing to a wide dynamic of people… She concludes after a lengthy chat where I find myself slipping into the sofa in the centre of the room within the handcrafted textiles ‘My aim is to make art accessible to all & this is the goal of Yellowstone.’

When interviewing with Hannah it is evident that she is a headstrong personality & at first surprising with the amount that she has achieved at her age, I hope to promote a little of the Yellowstone boutique warmth to you all…

Take a peep.. You will love it! xx

Yellow Stone Entrance.

Boutique owner Hannah Stoney.


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