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Britain’s Next Top Meanie

August 17, 2011

Hi! Remember me? Long time no see! It’s been a busy few weeks – not least because I am hooked on the new series of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. I didn’t watch the last series so wasn’t familiar with the new judges but it is glaringly obvious that these people are MEAN. Who knew? I honestly always assumed that Elle Macpherson was a lovely woman who looks amazing on the school run – wrong. Julien Macdonald I thought was a funny, nice Welsh man (wrong about the nice part). Charlie Speed, that fitty who models for New Look and seems like he would be polite and complimentary if you met him? Wrong wrong wrong. And Grace Woodward (not to be mistaken for the legendary Coddington) must have been bullied or at the very least, obese in her youth because as an adult she is contemptuous and catty. In the first few episodes I was glued through the audition phase at the audacity that the judges had – throwing cutting remarks and life ruining insults left right and centre! It was worse than watching a group of 5th year bullies corner a pale, be-spectacled, be-braced, be-gingered kid in the playground.

Anyway – eventually they whittle it down to 13 girls in a house who, much like their mentors, are…HORRID. Bitching, name calling, belittling, threats, cold shoulders and everything else short of spitting are rife. If you’re wondering why I invest 50 minutes a week in this programme, it is, in short, because of the clothes. But please girls – pull it together, make us proud. If you don’t start treating others as you would wish to be treated I’m going to have to start watching you on mute.

Rant over – look at my pretty new ring!



Also, I have been getting the train to work for the past few weeks which gives me some perfect reading time. After being enveloped in Caitlin Moran’s “How to be  Woman” as recommended by EstherPeg (I AM A FEMINIST by the way!!!!) I am now on to David Nicholls’ “Starter for Ten” which is hilarious and actually caused the woman next to me to change seats this morning as I was laughing so much. One of the best perks about reading on the train (apart from not being consumed with road rage for 2 hours a day like when I drive) is that I get to show off my very own Peg merchandise, made by the fair hands of KatyPeg!! Looky looky!!


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