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Swatches and Shanghai

August 22, 2011

I am currently in a bit of a lull.

After the whirlwind of final collection, finishing University, leaving Nottingham and moving home – my difficulty now is working out the next step. I don’t  mean to sound so dramatic – I know its a manageable situation in the grand scheme of things – and my! All you peg’s are getting on dashingly!

And I do have an exciting trip coming up! Just after finishing in June I took part in an ”optional project” – it seemed reasonable as I was still in Nottingham so I could use the college facilities. In a nutshell – it was to produce a range of swatches (rectangle knitted fabric pieces) which reflected in the corresponding theme and to promoted the yarns. The end use would be for WGSN (trend forecasting website) and SpinExpo – a major industry yarn/knitwear trend fair in Shanghai. Somehow there were 2 places available for the students involved – and I got it! Hooray!

The swatches I produced were for the theme ‘Home Workshop’ – one out of the 6 themes we were given. One of the key words in this theme was ’embracing imperfection’ which seemed just right for me! These are predicted trends for Spring/Summer 2013 – and therefore the idea was for them to be experimental and inspiration . After sorting out the suitable yarns to reflect the theme and colour palette, it was back to the knitroom…









The techniques I used were relatively simple – using grosgrain to gather up part of the fabric to create more of a 3-D shape and a feel of movement. Applying a patch-like plaster coating to try and fit in with the ‘Home workshop’ theme and also mixing different yarns and gauges, mainly cottons or cotton blends as being for Spring/Summer, to get interesting textures or a mix and match look.

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