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Hey baby.

August 25, 2011

Hey gals,

Apologies for my absence and I haven’t got any excuse apart from busy-ness to make up for it! But I come bearing news in the realms of craft and family. Firstly – my lovely cousin Jenny is going to have a baby girl LITERALLY ANY MINUTE NOW. Not only I am over the moon that Jen and her daddy to be husband Tom are having their first ever sproglet, I am terribly excited at the baby-related craft projects that I can busy myself with! I have already finished my first one. See the pic below:

Soft Baby Dice!

Fun AND educational for baby minds. I followed an excellent tutorial on how to make this on this site:

However it doesn’t include instructions on how to applique shapes onto fabric (please don’t look to closely at the shapes as they ARE abit on the wonky side) But the structure of the cubes themselves are supereasy to make 🙂

AND my other news is that my lil sis has done extremely well in her GCSE results today and got more than enough clever points to get into college to do Hairdressing (here’s hoping I never have to pay for a hair cut ever again!) So Peg-congratulations to you Beth!!!! I’m beaming like a proud big sister should 😀

RayPeg – that’s a great looking bit of Peg merch there. Thank you for using it! I’m still keen to experiment on other Peg merch ideas – any of my fellow peglets or peg-sympathisers got any ideas??

Love KatyPeg xxx

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  1. estherpeg permalink
    August 27, 2011 9:52 pm

    I’m thinking jackets x

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