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I’m Puss….

September 2, 2011

Hello all peggers! Hope you are enjoying the last of the sunshine!
This week myself and honarary peg Alex went to watch another bizarre film at the Little Theatre in Bath. Fortunately, the film we watched proved to be a BAZILLION times better than the last we watched there – The Tree of Shite
We went to see The Skin I Live In which proved to be entirely different in a number of ways. On the way out of the cinema I picked up a really good programme with a synopsis that doesn’t give too much away as there is a big twist in the tale. I couldn’t have written anything better so I thought I would pinch it! There is no spoiler alert because my lips are sealed as I want you all to go and watch it!

For the most part, the film was very uncomfortable to watch; quite appropriately, it really did make my skin crawl. But we were distracted from the uneasiness of the content because of it’s stylistic appearance. It looks incredible. Jean Paul Gaultier was involved in the set and costume design (even muggins here could see the influences in the “body suits” in the film). It feels like it was made about 20 years ago, it doesn’t have the feel of a modern film despite the content being based on scientific advancement.

There are some great performances from well cast actors. When Antonio Banderas first starts talking in Spanish I instantly thought of this….

But luckily that didn’t last very long! And he did a bloody good job!
This film massively plays on the shock factor – the audience in the cinema often laughed out of disbelief, horror and confusion! The big twist in tale – I don’t think anyone could honestly see that coming because it is so fantastical. At first I was disappointed with the revelation, but then I realised that Almodovar is trying to do so much more than just shock his viewers. I think the film is a lot about human identity and how “the skin we live in” defines who we are….or does it?
Hmmm… I’ll leave that teaser with you.
However, something  FAR more disturbing than anything in the film was THIS:

How scary is THAT. There are a few points that make this image frightening:
1. Meryl Streep is Margaret Thatcher
2. She looks like a weird clone of her that went wrong
3. Americans are making a film about Margaret Thatcher
4. The height of Meryl’s eyebrows


Also – saw the Rise of the Planet of the Apes at the weekend too, which was better than I thought it was going to be! I wasn’t sure when I saw CGI’d chimps, but despite some holes in the plot, it was a good watch about animal rebellion and human meddling! One things for sure – they aren’t going to kill the vegetarians first are they! Hahaa!
Love ya pegs xxx

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