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hip hop is art

September 6, 2011

Late night musical update from E-Peg!

Watching B.dolan support Dan le Sac + Scroobius Pip at the newly opened HMV Ritz midweek: something new- Old Dirty Bastard’s ‘Who killed Russell Jones’ in the style of Bob Dylan- didn’t see that coming, not sure he totally pulled it off but I was probably after more of a comedy element not serious hip hop but interesting it sure was.
DLS+SP sure were good, they hadn’t played in a while together apparently but any mistakes were taken in good humour, the crowd were loving every minute, especially the old favourites off the Angles album, ‘Look for the woman’ is still ringing in my ears. I hadn’t listened to the new album but to be honest, their new material seemed more dancey and commercially viable, less political and I prefer the crafted lyrics to them nearly breaking their own commandment: ‘ thou shalt not make repetitive generic music’. Although they’re only toeing the line on this and are far from crossing it entirely with consistent spurts of lyrical genius I’m moved more to explore competitors to Angles rather than buy their new album. Still, they are incredibly infectious and crisp to watch live.

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