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The Winds of Change and other Clichés

September 14, 2011

I may have been absent for the past few weeks (for which I am truly sorry) but I come bearing news.

First and foremost….. I have finally experimented with the new nail varnish trend of painting all your nails and then your ring finger in a different colour. After taking many, many photographs of this with the help of MammaMcCPeg (and comments like “This angle makes your hands look like udders”) here is what we came up with. (Give Adele a little wave too…Hiya Adele!)

Second up – I think I can now consider myself an actual journalist because I have been published on a website! Nooo, not The Peg, or Facebook, or Hotmail, but a proper website that people read for news and interesting things. The magazine is called Push it and I have written various designer profiles for Spring Summer 2012. So far they have uploaded my Rochambeau, Laitinen and Wackerhaus but there is more still to come. The magazine is quarterly so please cross your peggy toes and fingers that they will use my work next time the magazine comes out! Here is the link to my work:


And last but not least, I am about to embark on an MA in Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion. I only found out that I got the place last week (after a gruelling phone interview: “If you had £5000 what would you buy” “If you got 3 subscriptions what would they be” and ”If you had come to an interview today what would you have worn”). I am SUPER excited about this because not only is it going to  open up a million doors of opportunity, give me exciting things to Peg about, get me out of Wolverhampton (no offence Wolvo – I’ll miss you!) but most importantly it means that me and SophPeg are going to be ROOMIES! Yes – you heard it, a Peg house full of Peg Patter. Also, I’ve got a feeling that I am going to worship at the feet of my course leader, much like I was susceptible to influential, inspiring lecturers back in the good old days at Leeds! See video below.


What a guy.

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