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Pre-Winter Warmers

October 18, 2011

This October I come to you with some culinary news, courtesy of my Grandma. If you’re time and cash poor but love tasty hearty grub, get yourself one of these asap:

It’s a MicroMaster and granny tells me it’s from Home Bargains.  so tres cheap! I’ve been making the most delicious chicken casserole and it’s so fast and easy I can barely believe it. Four chicken thighs are £1.50 from Tesco and you put these, raw, on the bottom of the dish. chop up an onion, a red pepper, some mushrooms and throw them in. Having boiled the kettle, mix up half a cup of wine with half a cup of chicken stock, add some sundried tomato paste, half a teaspoon of lazy garlic salt and pepper and mixed dried herbs. Pour it over the chicken and veg, slam the lid on and stick it in the microwave for 15 minutes. When the dinger goes, pour the stew into a casserole dish and make sure that the hicken thighs rest on top of the veg with the skin facing upwards. Amazingly, the chicken will be cooked through perfectly but I just think the soggy skin is vile. So salt the skin and drizzle some balsamic glaze on. Put this dish under the grill and quickly rinse out the MicroMaster. Throw in a few measures of rice and water and put it back in the microwave for another 15 minutes. So while the chicken is crisping up the rice is being cooked perfectly. BINGO BANGO dinner for four in under half an hour with no dirty utensils apart from a knife and minimal washing up!

I bloody love this contraption and will be experimenting with more ideas which of course will be pegged immediately.

In NailNews, the wenches of Made in Chelsea have been sporting some lovely shades and patterns recently. As last night’s episode wound p I couldnt help but notice her fantastic red white and black nails which i CAN’T FIND A PICTURE FOR YET BUT will edit in asap.

Peg soon!!


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  1. October 19, 2011 4:35 pm

    I use mine for soup. From raw ingredients to my bowl in ten minutes. Just the thing to keep this cold weather at bay

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